See You on Venus, an unusual romance

Virginia Gardner and Alex Aiono in See You on Venus

See You on Venus is definitely not a romcom. But it does contain a story about two young people falling in love. It contains much more than that, however, and has many other thematic elements.

See You on Venus is a bit hard to talk about. The story unfolds in a particular way that makes it extra important not to give you any spoilers. The writer Victoria Vinuesa did a masterful job of keeping things secret and revealing them in bits and pieces. Vinuesa wrote the novel of the same name (affiliate link) and the screenplay.

Mia (Virginia Gardner) just turned 18. She wants to go to Spain. She convinces Kyle (Alex Aiono) to go with her. They drive around Spain in a camper van for about 10 days and several momentous things happen.

Although they weren’t close before, they do learn to care about each other on the trip through Spain. That’s one momentous thing. I won’t tell you the others. Thematically there are threads about life and living it to the fullest, where you came from, what you want to do with your life, and forgiveness.

The film was made in Spain and is spectacularly beautiful in terms of sightseeing. Virginia Gardner and Alex Aiono have lovely chemistry. It’s an enjoyable film.

See You on Venus poster

Sorry this review is so brief, but no spoilers. You can catch it on Netflix.

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