Seeing Red: Sarah Lancashire Fan Alert!

Sarah Lancashire in Seeing Red

Seeing Red, a British TV movie from 2000, is currently available on YouTube. The 22 year old film stars Sarah Lancashire in a story based on true events in the life of actress Coral Atkins.

Seeing Red is not a hot property that everyone must see. But for Sarah Lancashire super fans like me, it’s not something you get access to very often. If you’re interested, take a look quickly because you never know if it will be pulled off YouTube without notice.

Sarah Lancashire in Seeing Red

The story is set in 1970. Coral Atkins was a successful TV actress. She was a single mom with a young son.

As publicity for her show, she went to visit a children’s home. While she was there she saw a child being abused.

For seemingly inexplicable reasons, seeing that abused child made Coral want to open a home for disturbed children. She undertook it on her own. She was soon run up against red tape, bureaucracy, and legal requirements.

She did everything required and tried again. Finally she was able to bring troubled children into the home and begin caring for them. There were all sorts of emotional traumas in the children she cared for. Her innate empathy, determination, and love helped them all.

Slowly, through Coral’s nightmares and talks with her therapist, she began to realize why she cared so much about these troubled children. She’d suffered her own trauma as a young child during WWII and had suppressed it.

Later, Coral Atkins went on to become a psychotherapist herself.

The film on YouTube hasn’t been restored and it shows a bit of wear, but it does let you learn about Coral Atkins and see a younger Sarah Lancashire in action.

The Seeing Red poster

12 thoughts on “Seeing Red: Sarah Lancashire Fan Alert!”

  1. Leslie J Harkins

    I love this movie and was fortunately able to find and purchase the DVD. SL’s acting range is impressive.

  2. Thank you for posting this alert about Seeing Red. I am also a Sarah Lancashire fan and I can’t wait to see her as Julia Child in new HBO Series. She and Suranne Jones truly rock my world!

      1. Gwendolyn Lovett

        Just had to butt in to say I agree with your assessment of Sarah’s Happy Valley performance — beyond outstanding! What made the performance so stunning, at least in part, is that it was a role in stark contrast to her role in Last Tango in Halifax. She totally embodied those characters, made them so relatable. Even now I shake my head in astonishment when I think about how great and believable she was in both those very, very different roles. Amazing actress!

        I’d never heard of Sarah until Feb 2021, which is when I first heard of and watched LTiH. Since then I’ve looked for and watched every performance of hers I can find. So thanks for this alert. Definitely watching!

  3. I love Sarah. I also try to see all her performances. She was beyond fantastic in Happy Valley!!! Especially in contrast to her character in Last Tango.
    I have watched both of those series many, many times

  4. I’m in the US & just “discovered” Sarah 5 months ago in Last Tango In Halifax. I’m working my way thru her filmography.I’ve seen almost everything. She is absolutely phenomenal! I watched Seeing Red and am so glad she won an award for it. Portraying a living person is an immense responsibility that Sarah takes seriously. She is brilliant in everything she does!

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