Sharon Stone will star in Agent X on TNT

Sharon Stone

A 10 episode season of Agent X on TNT will star Sharon Stone as Vice President Natalie Maccabee.

Sharon Stone and Jeff Hephner on the set of Agent X.
Sharon Stone and Jeff Hephner

Here’s the plot setup. Vice President Maccabee moves into the Veep’s mansion and discovers from her Chief Steward (Gerald McRaney) that she is responsible for deploying secret agent John Case (Jeff Hephner) to do things beyond the powers of the FBI or CIA. This top secret agent is hidden from everyone, including the President. The most interesting part of the story description revealed so far is that Maccabee soon finds herself being drawn into the action.

Yes, the Veep runs around with a secret agent and kicks ass. If anyone can do that, Sharon Stone can. It’s exciting to me as an audience member to see so many wonderful women actresses like Stone taking roles on television where they can play interesting parts while thumbing their noses at Hollywood.

My hope for Agent X is that there will be plenty of Sharon Stone and the series won’t be all about Jeff Hephner doing heroic action scenes. There are no previews yet, no Facebook page yet, but it isn’t to reach the air until late in 2015. All that will come in time, so keep an eye out.

Thanks to Liliya for alerting me to this story.

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