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Tag: Betty White

  • WhoHaHa Has Funny Women

    WhoHaHa Has Funny Women

    Elizabeth Banks announced the arrival of WhoHaHa: Spotlight on Funny Women. The site is up and running and ready to make you laugh. Banks has an important announcement for men, “After years of taking 90 percent of lead comedy roles and being forced to appear nightly on stand-up stages around the globe, we are here […]

  • 3 Reasons Hot in Cleveland is Fabulous

    3 Reasons Hot in Cleveland is Fabulous

    Hot in Cleveland is in its 5th season on TVLand. I don’t enjoy sitcoms as much as dramas, but this one is pure delight. What makes this sitcom stand out in the crowded landscape of 30 minute comedy shows? Here are 3 good reasons. 1. The cast projects pure fun The women who form the […]

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