WhoHaHa Has Funny Women

Betty White & Mindy Kaling are funny women from WhoHaHa

Elizabeth Banks announced the arrival of WhoHaHa: Spotlight on Funny Women. The site is up and running and ready to make you laugh. Banks has an important announcement for men, “After years of taking 90 percent of lead comedy roles and being forced to appear nightly on stand-up stages around the globe, we are here to relieve you of your obligations.”

The site has a crazy menu that changes depending on what you’re watching, an RSS feed for the 3 of you who are still into using blog readers, a TV section where you can watch funny videos for hours without lifting a finger to press play, and more hilarious women than you even knew existed.

Duh, that’s the point.

You can like them on Facebook, follow them on Snapchat, talk to them on Twitter. There are probably other ways to make yourself laugh till you pee with WhoHaHa, so keep watching.

Betty White & Mindy Kaling image from WhoHaHa on Facebook

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