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  • Review: Minx, feminist ideals vs. capitalism

    Review: Minx, feminist ideals vs. capitalism

    Minx puts an ardent feminist who wants to change the world into the hands of a p0rno magazine publisher. He suggests she put her ideas about equality into a magazine with nude men and a new magazine is born.

  • Review: The Nowhere Inn. It’s absurd.

    Review: The Nowhere Inn. It’s absurd.

    The Nowhere Inn is a movie about making a documentary about a rock star. It was written by Carrie Brownstein and St. Vincent, who both play themselves in this movie about making a movie.

  • Review: Shrill

    Review: Shrill

    Hulu’s comedy series Shrill stars SNL regular Aidy Bryant in this look at the discrimination, heartache, and fat-shaming women face in our society. It’s a quick watch with 6 half-hour episodes.

  • The Realest Real

    The Realest Real

    The Realest Real is a movie by Carrie Brownstein. It’ll take you 6 minutes to watch and make you wonder about the wisdom of everything you say in the future on social media.

  • Review: Carol is Brilliant

    Review: Carol is Brilliant

    Carol was a simple story about two people falling in love. It was much more as well. It was a story about Carol (Cate Blanchett) and Therese (Rooney Mara) and the hidden look in their eyes, the hidden meaning in their touch, the hidden hope in their togetherness. Mild spoilers ahead.

  • Transparent and Epigenetics

    Transparent and Epigenetics

    Ali Pfefferman’s (Gaby Hoffmann) discovery of epigenetics in season 2 of Transparent hooked me. In fact, I thought the idea that stress and trauma from generations before yours could be passed through the generations was the most interesting thing in season 2 of Transparent. It certainly would do a lot to explain why the Pfefferman […]

  • Watch This: Teaser for Season 2 of Transparent

    Watch This: Teaser for Season 2 of Transparent

    “Did he call me sir?” Yes, it’s almost time for Transparent season 2 on Amazon. Amazon released a tiny clip to let you know that the characters you learned to love in season 1, are going to remain true to themselves. It’s a bit hard to tell in all the confusion, but it looks like […]

  • Review: Transparent

    Review: Transparent

    Transparent was fascinating and compelling. I watched it all the first weekend it was out on Amazon Prime. It’s a coming out story for the character brilliantly played by Jeffrey Tambor. I’ll try to review it without giving away too many surprises that can’t be gleaned from simply watching the trailer. The review has some […]

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