Review: Striking Out season 1

Striking Out is an Irish drama, available on Acorn TV in the US. It’s about a young solicitor played by Amy Huberman with a cast of engaging characters. Season 1 had four episodes. Continue reading “Review: Striking Out season 1”

Review: La Niña

La Niña is a series from Columbia, based on true stories about children abducted from their families and forced to fight as soldiers. The main character is the girl Belky. Some of the names have been changed in the telling of her story, but the story is basically accurate. Continue reading “Review: La Niña”

Recommended Foreign Language Films and TV Series

I’ve reviewed a number of foreign language films and TV shows here on Old Ain’t Dead. This is a summary post helping you find them all up to today’s date. I’ve categorized them by language. Some of these may have gone from the various streaming services, check the date of the review if it isn’t where I say it is. Continue reading “Recommended Foreign Language Films and TV Series”

Review: Rain Shadow

Rain Shadow is an Australian series from 2007 that is now available on AcornTV. It’s about a couple of female vets in a drought-parched sheep farming district of Australia. Continue reading “Review: Rain Shadow”

Review: Rita, Season 4

Season 4 of Rita, the Danish series created by Christian Torpe, is finally available on Netflix US. It was deeply emotional, heartwarming, and a brilliant resolution to the story of Rita that we have been privileged to see so far. Continue reading “Review: Rita, Season 4”

Review: Dark, season 1

Dark is a German mystery series with a bit of supernatural, time-travel, not who or what but when magic thrown into the excitement. It’s the first German series Netflix has produced. Continue reading “Review: Dark, season 1”

Review: The Mantis (La Mante)

The Mantis (La Mante) is a French 6 part mystery series about a serial killer and her copycat. There are very minor spoilers ahead. Continue reading “Review: The Mantis (La Mante)”

Review: Cable Girls (Las Chicas Del Cable) Season 2

The nine episodes of season 2 of Cable Girls (Las Chicas Del Cable) are available on Netflix. The new episodes open with New Year’s Eve 1929 in Madrid, Spain. The women who work for the telephone company and characters who swirl around them get the season off to a dramatic start that never lets up for a second. Beware, there are a few spoilers ahead. Continue reading “Review: Cable Girls (Las Chicas Del Cable) Season 2”

Review: Love, Lies and Records

Love, Lies and Records is a British series about Kate, who works in the Leeds registry office. She has a fella and 3 kids at home,  a busy work life dealing with births, deaths, and marriages, a confusing man nipping at her heels, and a troublesome coworker named Judy. Continue reading “Review: Love, Lies and Records”

Review: Rebecka Martinsson

Rebecka Martinsson is an 8 part Swedish mystery series about a Stockholm lawyer. It’s based on 4 novels by Åsa Larsson. Many of the characters follow from mystery to mystery. Continue reading “Review: Rebecka Martinsson”