The Green Glove Gang: Polish comedy wherein #EldersRock

Magdalena Kuta, Malgorzata Potocka, and Anna Romantowska in The Green Glove Gang

The Green Glove Gang is a charming Polish comedy series about a gang of older women who are expert thieves. They give the loot they collect to those in need or use it to set justice right.

The Green Glove Gang runs into a problem when a tattoo on the wrist of Kinga (Malgorzata Potocka) is identified. The women go into hiding.

Magdalena Kuta, Malgorzata Potocka, and Anna Romantowska in The Green Glove Gang
Meet Kinga, Zuza, and Alicija

The gang includes Kinga, with the tattoo. Zuza (Magdalena Kuta) is the mastermind. Alicja (Anna Romantowska) has psychic abilities and is never wrong about her predictions.

They hide in the Second Home nursing home, a place inhabited by slowly disintegrating elders and run by the evil villain stealing their money, their heirlooms, and their spirits, Marzena (Beata Bandurska).

In the nursing home, the sexy Kinga pretends to be disabled and carries a cane. She spreads pheromones everywhere she goes and men trail her like bees on honey. She jumps from rooftops and is a first class burglar.

Zuza has a well worked out plan for everything. She’s the master of detail and has the equipment to back up her ideas. Naturally she enters the nursing home pretending to be losing her mind.

Alicja handles electronics and internet and Tarot and knows just when the phone will ring. She has a white cane and dark glasses that supposedly make her appear blind, but she’s anything but convincing as a blind woman.

The poster for The Green Glove Gang

Marzena is in cahoots with an undertaker, his two assistants, and a pawnbroker. They run an art stealing ring and manage to resell various kinds of jewelry and other goods they steal. All of them are a problem for the ladies in the green glove gang. Each side is trying to shut the other down.

Complicating this funny drama are the police. An about-to-retire Police commissioner (Miroslaw Zbrojewicz) and his clever female detective (Karolina Rzepa) are after the gang. A series of accidents, tips, missteps, and funny encounters lead them to arrest someone by the end of the final episode of season 1. But it isn’t the right someone.

Which leads me to believe that this series is in line for a second season with the delightful elders.

The three heroines are so alive and so free. They liven up the nursing home and bring people back from waiting to die to living large. By the end of season 1, the nursing home residents are in on the schemes to bring down the evildoers and evade the police.

The three women were lifelong friends and loved each other dearly. While in the nursing home they came to love all the only slightly older residents there.

With eight episodes of about 30 minutes each, this Netflix comedy is a quick binge. I sincerely hope there will be another season with these characters. The series is funny, but the real delight is in seeing all these older characters carry a series with grace and verve. Here’s the trailer.

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