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  • Review: Hollywood

    Review: Hollywood

    Hollywood is about rewriting the story of Hollywood by going back 80 years and re-imagining everything. Set in the 1940s, the series creates a new history for Hollywood that includes people of color, out gay men, and women bosses.

  • Review: Ricki and the Flash

    Review: Ricki and the Flash

    Lucky for me I’m not a critic. It seems to me that the main job of a critic is to watch a fun and enjoyable movie or TV show and find things wrong with it so as to make it unenjoyable for anyone else to watch. Which leads to my point: Ricki and the Flash […]

  • Gloria Steinem on “Chick Flicks”

    Gloria Steinem on “Chick Flicks”

    Gloria Steinem blogs about books at Open Roads Media. The blog is called “Reading our way to the Revolution.” The once monthly column looks at a timeless and timely book.  Her latest review is about The Group, a 1963 novel by Mary McCarthy.  The Group is the latest review of a book that helped start […]

  • Glee Goes Elder

    Glee Goes Elder

    Last week on Glee it was Shirley Maclaine singing along with Darren Criss. They sounded terrific together. They sang of “Piece of My Heart.” This week June Squibb was there, singing and dancing with Chris Colfer. The woman can belt! Not only was June Squibb there, but Tim Conway and Billy Dee Williams were also […]

  • Brain Dump from a Teeming TV Filled Mind

    Brain Dump from a Teeming TV Filled Mind

    Random thoughts and observations on this and that as seen on my teevee. The Walking Dead Did you see the episode of The Walking Dead called “The Grove?” Brighton Sharbino and Kyla Kenedy as the two young girls were fantastic. Brighton, in particular, was 100% convincing. Very impressed to see such outstanding acting from two […]

  • Random Thoughts from a Teeming TV Filled Brain

    Random Thoughts from a Teeming TV Filled Brain

    The TV is brewing a brain full of random ideas in me this week. It’s a mish-mash. The Americans season 2 started last night on FX and it’s extra good. Don’t ask me why I care so much about Russian spies, but Kari Russell and Matthew Rhys make me care. The stakes are so high […]

  • Glee: The Quarterback

    Glee: The Quarterback

    Thursday evening when Glee’s The Quarterback episode in memory of Cory Monteith aired, I was at a reading by writer Terry McMillan about her new book Who Asked You? I watched Glee the next morning. I’ll get to it in a minute, I want to tell you a story first. Before Terry McMillan spoke, there was […]

  • New TV season shows I can’t wait to see

    New TV season shows I can’t wait to see

    The summer shows are fun and I love quite a few of them, but I’m eager for the new seasons of some old favorites. Here’s what I’m looking forward to. What about you? Lost Girl Season 4 can’t get here soon enough for me. It airs first in Canada on Showcase beginning in November. Then […]

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