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Tag: Groundhog Day

  • Review: Russian Doll

    Review: Russian Doll

    All the superlatives you’ve read about Russian Doll are true. It’s wild, inventive, unique, unexpected, deep, funny, and must see TV.

  • Recap: Lost Girl S4, E8 Groundhog Fae

    Recap: Lost Girl S4, E8 Groundhog Fae

    People are crazy and times are strange. – Bob Dylan In “Groundhog Fae,” episode 8 of Lost Girl, Bo kisses Tamsin about 50 times while Kenzi kisses Hale about 500 times. Lauren, Dyson and Vex become besties on Bo’s bed while discussing Bo’s box. It’s the Lost Girl Christmas show! In the Lost Girl universe, […]

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