Season 1 of Hacks brings Jean Smart back to comedy

Hacks, season 1, just finished its run on HBO Max. Season 2 was approved just as season 1 ended. In Jean Smart’s long career we’ve seen her do everything, but she hasn’t often been the lead character. In Hacks she’s running the show and her performance is absolute gold.

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Review: Candice Renoir, season 1

Candice Renoir, a charming French police series about an unconventional detective reached US audiences on Acorn TV. Eight seasons already aired in France. Acorn TV posted season 1 and promises season 2 on June 28. I can’t find anything about further seasons on Acorn, but even a part of this series is fun to watch. This review is of season 1.

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Review: Shadow and Bone, season 1

Shadow and Bone is a fantasy adventure epic. Unlike some of the fantasy series of late, Shadow and Bone has no rapes, no gratuitous nudity or sex, and no gore. It’s aimed at a younger crowd (although I enjoyed it very much). It features a big, inclusive, cast. It’s streaming on Netflix.

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Made for Love: clever and barbed

Made for Love is a creative new series that looks at love, freedom, control, and privacy with a funny but pointed story. With 8 half hour episodes, it could be considered a comedy, but it brings some strong messages about modern life with it. It’s streaming on HBO.

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Firefly Lane is the ultimate female friendship story

Firefly Lane explores the lifetime bond between two women who meet as middle school girls. The series on Netflix details 30 years of their lives and friendship.

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Daughter from Another Mother – family melodrama from Mexico

Daughter from Another Mother (Madre Solo hay Dos) stars Paulina Goto as Mariana, a young single mom. Ludwika Paleta stars as Ana, a married mom who just had her third child. Their babies get mixed up at birth. Season 1 of this Mexican series is on Netflix.

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Flack, season 1, makes the worst people look good

Flack, season 1, takes a group of amoral PR people and sets them to work fixing the images of celebrities who have secrets to hide. This British series is billed as a comedy, but it’s more of a sad commentary on the state of the world. After airing in the UK and on Pop TV in the US, season 1 landed on Prime Video. There is a second season, but no word yet about when Prime Video may have it.

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For All Mankind, season 1, presents an alt version of the space race

For All Mankind brings science fiction to an alternate version of history and the space race. In this series on Apple TV+, the Soviets won the race to the moon. The fallout from that caused much of the action in the space agency, NASA, in the years following.

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Home Before Dark Gives New Meaning to ‘Precocious’

Home Before Dark tells a story based on real events about a precocious and intrepid 9 year old journalist who solves a cold case. It’s suspenseful and mysterious. You’ll find it on Apple TV+.

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Review: Ratched, season 1

Ratched uses mind-altering saturated color and gorgeous visuals to tell the lunatic story of the murder and mayhem that created the horrifying nurse Mildred Ratched, played here by Sarah Paulson.

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