Review: Biohackers, season 1

Biohackers is a German language thriller on Netflix. A young woman is on a quest to find out what happened to her twin brother. The trail leads to a famous scientist who is a proponent of genetic engineering, or biohacking.

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Review: Family Business (On va s’aimer un peu, beaucoup ), season 1

Family Business (On va s’aimer un peu, beaucoup) concerns a female law firm with mother and daughter lawyers at the helm. Season 1 of this French series is streaming on Acorn TV in the US. The series is set in Lyon.

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Review: Avocado Toast the series

Avocado Toast the series showed up as I was digging around in the obscure regions of Prime Video. It’s a Canadian web series. Season 1 has 11 very short episodes.

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Review: Damages, season 1

Damages ran for 5 seasons from 2007 to 2012. I missed it completely at that time, although I heard good things about it. Now it’s available on Hulu, so I started watching.

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Review: Frankie Drake Mysteries, season 1

Frankie Drake Mysteries features an intrepid woman private detective who sprints around Toronto on a motorcycle amid 1920s jazz and gin. There have been 3 seasons of the series, and it is renewed for a 4th season.

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Review: Blood and Water

Blood and Water is Netflix second effort with South African content after the success of Queen Sono. This time they chose to go with characters younger in age set in a posh high school. They scored plenty of drama with the decision.

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Review: Sweet Magnolias

Sweet Magnolias is indeed a sweet series on Netflix. It’s a portrait of a golden world where everyone gets along, everyone goes to church, the teenagers are only mildly rebellious, and friends last forever.

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Review: Into the Night, season 1

Into the Night is a Belgian sci-fi thriller. It’s a nail-biting thrill ride with one of the best cliffhangers at the end of the season I’ve ever seen. It’s mostly in French with some English, Russian, and Arabic in the mix.

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Review: Vida, season 1

Vida is a series I’ve read many glowing reviews about, but it was on STARZ and I couldn’t watch it. Amazon Prime Video is allowing free access to season 1 for the month of April, so I took advantage of it.

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Review: I Am Not Okay with This

I Am Not Okay with This fits into the category of girl coming of age who discovers her superpower amid high school horrors. It’s an origin story that begs additional seasons. Beware the spoilers.

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