Review: Family Business (On va s’aimer un peu, beaucoup ), season 1

Charlotte Des Georges, Clémentine Justine, Catherine Marchal, and Ophélia Kolb in Family Business

Family Business (On va s’aimer un peu, beaucoup) concerns a female law firm with mother and daughter lawyers at the helm. Season 1 of this French series is streaming on Acorn TV in the US. The series is set in Lyon.

Family Business (On va s’aimer un peu, beaucoup) is a strange translation of the title from French. Especially considering how many English properties there already are called Family Business. If you search for it for some reason, you’ll find it more easily with the French title.

For me, the series began slowly. I almost quit watching. But I’m glad I kept on because the women leading this family law practice and the cases they handle grabbed me. There are two seasons so far, but Acorn TV only has season 1 at this time.

Catherine Marchal in Family Business

Astrid (Catherine Marchal) began the firm and has made it a success with plenty of hard work. On the personal side, she’s having an affair with a married judge Alexandre (Joseph Malerba). This relationship goes back and forth between off and on.

Astrid’s seen it all and can calm down the others in the office with just her presence. They do get some interesting family law cases – divorces, adoptions, guardianships and much more. Each episode has the name of a client for a title. It was actually the interesting clients that got me hooked on the series.

I was especially interested in the episode with a transgender client. In France, a transgender person can have their gender corrected on legal documents even if they haven’t had surgical changes. What an enlightened approach!

Charlotte Des Georges in Family Business

Sofia (Charlotte Des Georges) is a partner in the firm. Her gambling problem plagues her throughout season 1.

Sofia provides some of the humor in the series because she ends up with a gassy little dog that two of her clients couldn’t agree how share during a divorce. The dog changes hands several times but is always around and is another character in the drama.

Ophélia Kolb in Family Business

Audrey (Ophélia Kolb) is Astrid’s daughter. She’s been in the firm for 3 years and her mother considers her an excellent lawyer.

Audrey lives with Paul (Lionel Erdogan). They have two kids. They learn early in the season that Audrey is pregnant again. At the end of the season she hasn’t yet given birth.

There are two problems in Audrey’s relationship. Paul’s mother is constantly around and it drives Audrey a little nuts. Plus, there’s the extraordinarily handsome prosecutor Eric Leroy (Samir Boitard) Audrey can’t stay away from.

Another important person in the law firm is Roxanne (Clémentine Justine). She’s an assistant, but capable of doing anything and finding out anything.

In a law firm full of women, there is plenty of shoe envy and handbag envy. However, by the end of the season a man has been added to the firm’s roster: Mehdi (Moïse Santamaria). That will change the dynamic somewhat in season 2.

The series is light, often funny, but has a serious side. The characters and the clients all have serious life problems. There are courtroom scenes, but it isn’t the focus of the series. It is pleasant and interesting, with characters who grow on you.

Poster for Family Business

Here’s the trailer for season 1 of Family Business (On va s’aimer un peu, beaucoup).

Ready to practice your French with a group of women lawyers? Here’s your chance.

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