Review: The Sleepover

Cree Cicchino, Sadie Stanley, Lucas Jaye and Maxwell Simkins in The Sleepover

The Sleepover on Netflix is one of those movies where I completely disagree with the critics. Okay, maybe I agree with the critics, but I absolutely loved it and found it delightful anyway. There are spoilers ahead.

Yes, The Sleepover is derivative of many comedy adventures before it where a group of kids save the day. But it was funny, brought in new non-trite ideas of its own, and I found it thoroughly enjoyable.

The kids were Clancy (Sadie Stanley) and Kevin (Maxwell Simkins). Clancy was a brilliant cellist who wanted to go to a high school party with her friend Mim (Cree Cicchino). Kevin had a big time imagination.

On the night in question Clancy was grounded and Kevin was having a sleepover with his friend Lewis (Lucas Jaye).

Just an ordinary mom

Margo (Malin Akerman), the mom, was a teacher. Ron (Ken Marino), the dad, was a pastry chef. Just your regular suburban family, right?

Until Baxter (Harry Aspinwall) and Elise (Enuka Okuma) broke into the house to force Margo to help them steal a $20 million crown. There’s that one little detail Margo forgot to mention to her family. She used to be a big time thief.

The kids decide to follow a series of clues in order to save their mom because they didn’t know she was anything but a mom. They undertake a series of daring adventures.

The kidnapped adults prepare for the heist. Also involved in the crown heist was Leo (Joe Manganiello), Margo’s previous partner in crime.

Ken Marino and Malin Akerman in The Sleepover

Everyone in this cast was funny, but Ken Marino stood out for me. His physical comedy, his incessant chatter, and his emotional reactions cracked me up again and again.

The Sleepover charmed me, made me laugh, and made me feel good. I don’t need a lot more than that from a comedy adventure in the midst of this lockdown we’re living right now.

This bit of magic was directed by Trish Sie and written by Sarah Rothschild.

The Sleepover poster

Have a go at the trailer.

Are you going to give this movie a chance? If you’ve already seen it, what did you think?

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