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  • Review: Straight Up

    Review: Straight Up

    Straight Up is Netflix’s idea of what I should be watching. I’d read a good review of it, so I bit. It tells a love story without sex.

  • Review: The First

    Review: The First

    The First, a Hulu original series, was advertised and promoted as a heroic space adventure in the style of The Right Stuff. Astronauts in space suits and talk about a mission to Mars were in the posters and teasers. That isn’t what this story is about. The marketing is misleading.

  • 5 Things to Love about 9-1-1 on Fox

    5 Things to Love about 9-1-1 on Fox

    9-1-1 is an excellent new show from Fox. It’s about 9-1-1 operators, paramedics, firefighters, and police officers who deal with life-threatening situations. I’ve thought about why I like it so much and decided a list is in order.

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