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Breeda Wool in The Faith Diaries

The Lifetime series UnREAL created a brief web-only spinoff series called The Faith Diaries about the character Faith from the Bachelor-like dating competition show on UnREAL. The series of 10 short videos show Faith (Breeda Wool) and her best friend / girlfriend Amy (Malea Mitchell) as they arrive in Los Angeles.

Faith and Amy are the Christians from the Lifetime show who finally admitted they have feelings for each other. They arrive in LA for Faith to be in jeans commercials, not really knowing what they are to each other. As Faith admits to Dot Marie Jones’ character, they haven’t really “done the deed” yet.

It’s amazing the story you can tell in 10 very short videos. Faith, love, trust, forgiveness, acceptance, religion, and finding a tempting world in shining color – the series is so well written. The Faith Diaries was created by Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, who is a writer and producer on UnREAL.

Oh, yeah, by the way, UnREAL will be back on June 6. Don’t forget that part. If you didn’t watch the first season of this show, you have time to get it watched before season 2 begins.

Watch the remaining episodes of The Faith Diaries on MyLifetime. Scroll down a bit to episode 2. They will play automatically once you get them going. Each is just 2 or 3 minutes like the first one.

3 thoughts on “Watch The Faith Diaries from UnREAL”

  1. Cute little series. The religion angle’s a bit of a turn off for me, but the characters are sweet enough for me to look past it. Delightfully awkward and adorable.

    Plus, it’s a positive story about a lesbian couple with no tragedy, minimal drama and lots self acceptance. We need more of those.

    When I was growing up the only lesbian content available almost always ended in tragedy. Even now most of it does, and what doesn’t is dripping with drama, betrayal and emotional damage. I want the next generation of queer women to have positive uplifting examples in media to watch. Shows like this are what we need out there. I want positive portrayals to be the norm, not the exception.

      1. You are totally welcome. Thanks for the work you do sharing and talking about content like this. The more stories about us we can get out there, the better. The more young women, especially young queer women, can see themselves portrayed in a positive way in the media, the more they can see they are not alone and the more hope they can be given.

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