Watch This: Hey, Academy, I’m a Woman

I'm a Woman

I love this funny video. It was directed by Leslie Korein and written by Kim Kalish.

In fact, by damn, let’s see every name involved in the video:

Director: Leslie Korein
Director of Photography: Carissa Dorson
Producers: Kim Kalish and Andrea Schwartz
Writer: Kim Kalish
Editor: Lauren Gaudite
Make-Up: Emily King Brown
Production Assistant: Jasmine Gilmore

I’d say they all did a fine job, and they aren’t bad singers either.

If it weren’t for a Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress category at the Oscars, you might never hear a woman’s name spoken all night at the event. And, good grief, the red carpet. Could anything about the Oscars scream women are only to look pretty louder than the red carpet? #AskBetterQuestions.

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