How to Find a Search Box on Old Ain’t Dead

According to Google Analytics, most of you come here on a mobile device. Which means the search box in the sidebar is waaaaayyyyy down at the bottom of the screen. On a tablet or computer screen, the sidebar is visible on the side. But not on a phone screen.

So. What to do?

I’m trying this. I pinned a post with a search box in it at the top of the Home page. So, no matter where you are in the site, if you click on the big Old Ain’t Dead title at the very top of the page, you go to the home page and the first thing you see is a search bar.

mobile view

Will this help those of you who are wondering whether I’ve reviewed something or other you’re interested in? Please let me know.

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Can We Talk About Haifaa Al-Mansour?

Haifaa Al-Mansour is a woman director from Saudi Arabia. She has the distinction of being the first woman in that country to direct a film. That was in 2012. Since then she’s gone on to direct several more films. By now we can draw some conclusions about her.

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Interview with Marie Østerbye, season 5 writer and showrunner for Rita

When I contacted Christian Torpe to talk about season 5 of Rita, he said, I wasn’t very involved in season 5. You have to talk to Marie Østerbye. She ran the season. He put me in touch with her and she agreed to answer my questions about season 5 of the Danish hit series, Rita.

Here we go!

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Now for an entirely unrelated rant

I’m working on a review of The Politician. Here’s a screen grab that I plan to use in it.

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Blog News! Now there’s a Spanish language category

Reviews of Spanish language TV shows and movies are very popular here on the blog. I decided to create a category just for those reviews. You can search for Spanish language content using the category.

In case you never noticed it before, there’s a category menu in with the secondary material like tweets and recent comments. Just click “Spanish language” under Search By Category to see if I’ve reviewed any new Spanish language content since your last visit.

the category menu

Happy reading!

Did you know about IMDB TV?

I hang around on IMDB a lot, getting cast member names and copying photos. I noticed something new today that I thought you might want to know about. It’s IMDB TV!

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The Danish Favorite Rita Comes to the U.S.

I love Rita, the Danish TV series, with unreserved delight. Now it’s coming to Showtime in the U.S. That’s FANTASTIC NEWS! I reached out to series creator Christian Torpe about the news and have a couple of exclusive comments for you.

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Oprah Winfrey Presents: When They See Us Now

Oprah Winfrey Presents: When They See Us Now is a one hour interview show with numerous people involved in the 4 part series When They See Us.

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Dear Reader

Alas, dear reader, this website was hacked. It was a long, drawn-out repair job and I had to pay for it. Because of that I finally decided to put ads on the site.

I’ve resisted ads for almost 6 years, but this finally put me over the edge. I hope you won’t be too put off by them and appreciate your tolerance.