Now for an entirely unrelated rant

Idris Elba and Jessica Chastain in Molly's Game

I’m working on a review of The Politician. Here’s a screen grab that I plan to use in it.

Lucy Boynton, Ben Platt, Laura Dreyfuss, Theo Germaine and Rahne Jones in The Politician

Can you see Rahne Jones in the back there? No? That’s because nobody bothered to light her properly.

Outside light on K.C. Collins in Lost Girl
They’re in outside light in Lost Girl, so why can’t we see K.C. Collins?

I ranted about this several years ago related to the lighting on Lost Girl, where they couldn’t figure out how to light K.C. Collins. I’m ranting about it again today.

In shows where the majority of the characters are white, nobody takes the trouble to light dark skin the way it should be. One more spot, another reflective screen and there is light. Apparently too much trouble.

Matthew Modine and Uzo Aduba in Miss Virginia

Sometimes it happens even when the main characters are black. Look at Uzo Aduba in this frame from Miss Virginia.

Doing it right

Uzo Aduba and Emily Althaus in Orange is the New Black

Compare that with this look at Uzo Aduba in Orange is the New Black. OITNB had every variety of skin to deal with and they always did it right.

How about another good example? Look at the image up top with Idris Elba as clear as Jessica Chastain next to him.

It can be done right.

So why isn’t it? Don’t people know how to do it? Are the wrong people getting hired? Or, as I suspect, is it just one more case of discrimination in Hollywood?

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