Watch This: Trailer for Get Out

Jordan Peele directing Get Out

What is this Get Out film that is setting box office records? I hadn’t even heard of it and suddenly it was everywhere. I took a look at the trailer to find out more.

Turns out, Get Out is a horror film written and directed by Jordan Peele. Peele has done a considerable amount of acting. This is his first directing gig. The headlines about how much money the film is making all feature the fact that Peele is an African American. Here’s a sample: ‘Get Out’ and Jordan Peele just made movie history.

If I’m going to celebrate the first time African American women achieve something, it only seems fair to celebrate when African American men achieve a big first. So cheers to Jordan Peele.

Starring in Get Out are Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Catherine Keener, and Bradley Whitford.

I used to love horror films when I was younger. I don’t enjoy them much anymore. I’m glad to know what this money maker is all about. Does it look like your cup of tea?

3 thoughts on “Watch This: Trailer for Get Out”

  1. christopher swaby

    it may be that it isnt a female driven movie that caused it to go under your radar. its am important film, addressing truths known to us but not known/understood by the majority culture. social commentary in the guise of thriller (i wouldnt call it horror though that is how it has been marketed, i suspect because “social thriller” (Mr. Peele’s description of his film) wouldnt go over quite as well).

  2. This is a great film and we expect even greater things from Jordan Peele. My women friends and I all loved it (that is, we were terrified!), as well as the guys. Women do play significant roles in the story, albeit less than admirable ones. You might want to give it a try on some slow day! Tension is slightly relieved by quirky humor.

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