Watch This: Trailer for L.A.’s Finest

Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union in L.A.'s Finest

L.A.’s Finest has some awesome women leading the action, and for that reason it might be a fun watch. It’s a police drama starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba. It will be available On Demand starting on May 13.

Gabrielle Union is reprising her role from Bad Boys II as Sydney “Syd” Burnett. Thirteen years later, she’s left Miami behind and is an LAPD detective. Her partner is Nancy McKenna (Alba).

Both these characters are described as having “complicated” pasts. That might mean we are in for some interesting women characters with some depth. I don’t expect you have know everything about Sydney from Bad Boys II to figure out who she is in L.A.’s Finest.

Also in the cast are Ernie Hudson, Zach Gilford, Jake Busey, and Sophie Reynolds.

L.A.’s Finest looks like a combination of action, comedy, and police procedural. It will have 13 episodes. It had problems finding a home, and more problems because of some serious injuries happening on the set. Yet it is still set to go.

What do you think? Does it look like it’s worth checking out come May?

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