Watch This: Trailer for Lizzie: The Lizzie Borden Story

Kristen Stewart and Chloë Sevigny in Lizzie

Lizzie is a retelling of the Lizzie Borden story. In 1892 someone, possibly Lizzie Borden, murdered the Borden parents with an axe. Lizzie was accused and acquitted.

The main attraction in this oft-told true tale is Chloë Sevigny as Lizzie Borden and Kristen Stewart as the Borden’s maid Bridget. The two lonely women find themselves kindred spirits and share a secret intimacy. Director Craig William Macneill explores the days leading up to the crimes in a dark tale of repression, exploitation and thwarted dreams.

With these two stars in the leading roles, there will be plenty of interest in this film.

The film also stars Jamey Sheridan, Fiona Shaw, Kim Dickens, Denis O’Hare, and Jeff Perry.

The trailer shows Lizzie being questioned. When asked if Andrew Borden might have had any enemies, she responds, “This is America, sir. Every man with a pulse has enemies.” That remark feels awfully contemporary to me. Sevigny is executive producer of Lizzie and has worked on adapting the biographical story since 2010.

Lizzie will be in theaters in September.

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