Watch This: Trailer for Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2 won’t be in theaters until May 2015, but the first trailer has already been released.

The second installment of this teen-power anthem to women stars Elizabeth Banks (who also directed), Anna Kendrick, Hailee Steinfeld, Rebel Wilson and many more. My granddaughters loved this musical tale of the triumph of the underdog in the first Pitch Perfect. So did I. It looks as if Pitch Perfect 2 is going to uphold the standard set for the series.

The first poster for the movie is also already out.

Pitch Perfect 2 poster

Author: Virginia DeBolt

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One thought on “Watch This: Trailer for Pitch Perfect 2”

  1. I watched the first movie and thought it was ok. I was expecting great songs and I found the ones they used to be “just ok”. I’m hoping with this sequel we get the great songs this time around.

    The story was cliche. No surprise they got into finals and no surprise they won. Season 1 of Glee was better.

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