7 Upcoming Films with Female Protagonists

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Over the next few months there will be several films with women leading the cast coming to your theater. I celebrate every one! Here are a few – I probably missed some. Let me know in the comments if there’s something I missed that shouldn’t be missed.


Keira Knightley and Chloë Grace Moretz head up the cast of Laggies.

You’re Not You

You’re Not You features Emmy Rossum and Hilary Swank with Josh Duhamel providing the male lead.

The Good Lie

The Good Lie belongs 100% to Reese Witherspoon.

Gone Girl

In Gone Girl, Rosamund Pike is the gone girl. We also get lots of Ben Affleck. Did you read this book? It must have been hard to adapt as a movie because of the unreliable narrator issue. Be interesting to see if they can make it work.

The Skeleton Twins

The twins in The Skeleton Twins are played by Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader. Luke Wilson is also in this one.

The Congress

Oh dear, some really serious stuff is going on with Robin Wright who is playing Robin Wright in The Congress. Is it too soon to start drawing interconnections with every woman on the planet?

The Last of Robin Hood

I hesitated to include The Last of Robin Hood because it’s really about Errol Flynn (played by Kevin Kline). And it’s about an old Errol Flynn taking a young woman as a lover. All kinds of YUK. But there seems to be enough of Dakota Fanning and Susan Sarandon justify it.

A Few More Films Mentioned Recently

Several more upcoming films featuring women in the leading roles have been mentioned here lately. Just as a reminder, they are:

2 thoughts on “7 Upcoming Films with Female Protagonists”

  1. Ok. The Congress is almost too strange. I hope it’s strange and Good !! Robin Hood looks kinda boring. I hope I’m wrong. Gone Girl looks interesting. The Good Lie looks ok. Hilary Swank is good in everything. Laggies isn’t looking too interesting to me. The one that looks real good is The Skeleton Twins. But I love comedies the most anyway.

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion, Tristen. I think The Congress is going to have a lot to say about women’s self-image, although granted it may be in a weird way. The Good Lie looks like another version of The Blind Side. Think Hilary Swank can get another Oscar out of this? And yes to all things Kristen Wiig.

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