Am I Being Unreasonable? British Tragicomedy

David Fynn and Daisy May Cooper in Am I Being Unreasonable?

Am I Being Unreasonable? begins with a tragic accident on a train and returns to the event again and again throughout the series, each time revealing more and more of the truth about what happened. The story is told as a comedy in six short episodes.

Am I Being Unreasonable? was created and written by Daisy May Cooper and Selin Hizli. These two have the lead roles.

Nic (Daisy May Cooper) struggles to manage the simple stuff like getting her kid to school on time. She’s day drinking and watching reality TV.

Lenny Rush in Am I Being Unreasonable?

Her son Ollie (Lenny Rush) reminds her about school and climbs on his transporter (a Segway like platform), urging her to come on. Ollie is a little person whose medical condition is never explained. He’s also the smartest and most sensible person in the family.

Selin Hizli in Am I Being Unreasonable?

At the school gate, Nic meets Jen (Selin Hizli). She’s new at the school. Nic and Jen instantly agree that they both hate perfect mom, Lucy (Karla Crome). That’s enough to bond them and they become immediate friends, drinking buddies, and besties.

Nic confides to Jen that she’s been having an affair with her brother-in-law, Alex (David Fynn). Poor Alex from the train. She can’t stand her husband Dan (Dustin Demri-Burns). Turns out Dan isn’t exactly crazy about Nic either.

Selin Hizli and Daisy May Cooper in Am I Being Unreasonable?

Jen has a problem. She becomes obsessed with women. That’s why she had to move. She buys the same coat as Nic. That coat is a whole thing – well, because of the train – and Nic is none too happy about Jen wearing it. Nic is losing it in a number of ways, not just over a coat. It’s funny, but she’s going a little crazy.

Daisy May Cooper in Am I Being Unreasonable?
Here we are on the train again.

Nic keeps flashing back to the train, rewriting the scene. About half way through the series, the retellings of the train incident are seen from other points of view.

The series maintains a sense of frantic humor to the end, even as events turn horrific. I thought it was well written and told a story that felt both over the top and realistic about real characters.

The entire series is streaming now on Hulu.

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