Anna Silk Announces the End of Lost Girl

Catch, lover.

I love Lost Girl, you love Lost Girl. We all love Lost Girl. But Anna is right. It felt at the end of season 4 like Bo is poised to claim her place as queen of all Fae.

When she reaches that point, the story arc will basically be finished. (Except for that little issue called get Kenzi back right this second!)

Much as I hate to see this tour de force of woman power end, I know that all of us Lost Girl fans out here will rewatch and treasure every episode of all 5 seasons for a long time to come.

2 thoughts on “Anna Silk Announces the End of Lost Girl”

  1. SO SAD !! Maybe its not the time to point fingers, but I’m going to anyway. Jay Firestone and Emily Andras WASTED the whole of season 4 on such stupid drivel. The numbers dropped and Lost Girl fans for the first time spoke out about disliking the show. No matter how good seasn 5a and 5b might be, we still have season 4 to thank for Showcase ending production of my favorite show. The cast and fans deserved better then what we got with season 4.

    1. I hate to see it end as well. Season 4 was annoying, for sure. I hope they will use season 5 to make sense of season 4, bring back Kenzi (early in the 1st episode, preferably) and let Bo come into her full power.

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