Bad Sisters: Problem solving mayhem

Eva Birthistle, Anne-Marie Duff, Sharon Horgan, Eve Hewson, and Sarah Greene in Bad Sisters

Bad Sisters is a remake of the Belgian series Clan, which I now want to see too, because I absolutely loved Bad Sisters. It’s about 5 Irish sisters who mess things up regularly and humorously. It’s also about family love and loyalty and taking care of the people you love.

I know some of my readers saw Bad Sisters before I started it. (I waited for all 10 episodes to be available before I started watching.) They were tweeting me about the fact that I would love it. They were so right!

Eva Birthistle, Anne-Marie Duff, Saise Ní Chuinn, Sharon Horgan, Eve Hewson, and Sarah Greene in Bad Sisters

First meet the sisters in the photo above. Left to right they are Grace (Anne-Marie Duff), who is kissing her daughter Blanaid (Saise Ní Chuinn). Eva (Sharon Horgan) is the eldest sister. When the parents died Eva took on the responsibility to taking care of her sisters. She’s still doing it, although they are all grown now. Next is Ursula (Eva Birthistle). She’s married with 3 kids and a boyfriend on the side. Next is Bibi (Sarah Greene) who is married to a woman. They have a son. Finally on the right is Becka (Eve Hewson). Becka is the youngest and definitely fits the model of youngest child.

They are all dressed in black because Grace’s husband John Paul (Claes Bang) just died. They look like they are in mourning, but they are all very happy he’s dead.

Brian Gleeson and Daryl McCormack in Bad Sisters

Thomas Claffin (Brian Gleeson) and Matthew Claffin (Daryl McCormack) are the half brothers who took over an insurance agency from their father. The agency is broke, Thomas has a pregnant wife, and there’s no money to pay Grace for the life insurance on John Paul.

Thomas thinks the death was actually murder and uses all his energy to prove it so the insurance won’t have to pay.

In a series of flashbacks and time jumps we see what kind of a man John Paul was. Clearly, he was a prick. Each of the sisters had a powerful reason of their own to hate him. But they hated him most because of the terrible way he treated Grace.

Without Grace knowing, the 4 other sisters decide to kill John Paul. It’s hilarious and ridiculous how hard it was to kill him. Every one of the sisters tries in various ways. Every attempt goes wrong and creates a disaster.

Sharon Horgan and Eve Hewson in Bad Sisters
Killing someone is harder than you think

The Claffin are interfering and bothersome. Becka and Matthew start seeing each other. It’s a mess.

The series is full of delightful twists and surprises. The ending is absolute perfection.

All the crazy situations and humor in this series are built out of the fact that these people really love each other. The sisters love each other. Thomas loves his wife. They all love their kids and their friends. Becka and Matthew maybe love each other. It’s because of love that the prick must go.

All episodes of this Apple TV+ series were directed by women: Rebecca Gatward, Josephine Bornebusch, and Dearbhla Walsh. Sharon Horgan developed this Irish version of the story. Even the trailer is fun to watch.

Everything about Bad Sisters was excellent. The actors were a delight, the setting in Ireland was gorgeous, the music was spot on. Watch it if you can. If you’ve seen it, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

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  1. Dianne McCrystal

    Absolutely loved this series fabulous characters. The bond between the sisters is just beautiful. My father is Irish I spent a lot of time there in the 60-70’s so I always look out for good Irish movies and TV series. Yes I will check The Clan also.

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