Brain Dump: Good Trouble, Stumptown, and Tommy

Sherry Cola and Zuri Adele in Good Trouble

For today’s big brain clearing post, I’ll talk about Good Trouble, Stumptown, and Tommy.

Good Trouble

I’ve been a bit grumpy about some of the episodes of Good Trouble this season. I didn’t like Callie’s (Maia Mitchell) boyfriend, I didn’t like Mariana’s (Cierra Ramirez) roommate.

They redeemed themselves in my eyes with the finale segment about healing, titled “Trap Heals.” They took us into a #BlackLivesMatter healing space that was real and powerful. It was a beautiful experience and moving for the folks from the Coterie who went there. I was really touched by the “say their name” ceremony.

Much of it was Malika’s (Zuri Adele) doing, and it was healing for her family. But it was also important for Dennis (Josh Pence) and made Davia (Emma Hunton), who has been struggling with her hidden racism, particularly uncomfortable.

I wanted to be there with them.


Cobie Smulders in Stumptown

In the episode “All Quiet on the Dextern Front” of Stumptown, the background music once again captured my attention.

A bit of history: I first noticed Cobie Smulders when Bette Porter (Jennifer Beals) made a pass at her on The L Word.

When the music in this episode was “Maniac” from Flashdance, it felt like a hat tip to that long ago moment when Cobie Smulders and Jennifer Beals were on the screen together for a bit. The folks at Stumptown may not have meant it that way, but it resonated that way for me.

So, thanks for the memories.


Edie Falco in Tommy

Edie Falco is always good. She brings great cred to Tommy that gives me hope for it. There are only a few episodes to judge by at this point but I like a few things about it.

I like Tommy’s style of policing. She’s bringing the LA police department to a more measured, less violent place. It ain’t easy. She’s living with her daughter (Olivia Lucy Phillip), a mixed race product of Tommy’s marriage to an African American man.

These days Tommy is openly a lesbian, and there’s already a budding romance with a woman going.

Are you watching any of these series? What are your thoughts on how the season is going for them?

4 thoughts on “Brain Dump: Good Trouble, Stumptown, and Tommy”

  1. Stumptown – love the complete unpredictability of the female character, Dex. ( I wasn’t sure I would buy How I Met Your Mother character Robin as a hard, hitting PI. But I do. ) Those crazy, drink a lot, have sex with many and punch anyone in your way parts are usually written for male characters. Kudos to writers.

    After reading your review, I am going to go find Colbie in The L Word!

    Tommy is better because of Edie Falco. I would have dropped it from my watch or record list immediately without her.

    Good Trouble – I haven’t seen it, but will now after reading your review.

    1. Cobie was only in an episode or two of The L Word. Yeah, I wouldn’t be watching another police show if it weren’t for Edie Falco. Good Trouble started great but I had issues with it for a while. It came back at the end of the season, though.

  2. christopher a swaby

    I enjoy Stumptown. i like all of the characters. it pains me that Ms. Smulders’ character is so self destructive, while at the same time, she feels so real. i like that the men are all supporting characters and yet realized (if not fully). great show.

    i watch Tommy for Ms. Falco. it seems like a typical police procedural but with a female lead. it seems like a bookend to Deputy, with another lead who is an unexpected pick for lead of a law enforcement agency who is trying to shake things up by doing things differently but from a very male perspective. i am going to watch the season before making a final decision about the show. for now, i preferred the show it replaces, Evil.

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