Class of ’07, Australian apocalypse comedy

Emily Browning in Class of '07

Class of ’07 involves a 10 year reunion at an all girls school during a time of worldwide climate disaster that threatened their survival. None of the women, now about 28 years old, was able to act like a grown-up long enough to do anything useful about their situation.

Setting the Class of ’07 back in their former school high on a hill made them all regress to revisit their miserable high school experiences. There were petty grievances, old hurts, rivalries, memories of abuse. The humor was broad, raunchy, and mostly dumb. The environmental disaster that trapped them high on a hilltop was a far-fetched flood event.

The series was created and directed by Kacie Anning.

Some of the key characters were Zoe (Emily Browning), pictured up at the top. She was a natural leader but also a serious screw up.

Claire Lovering in Class of '07

Genevieve (Claire Lovering) wanted to be in charge, but didn’t get the respect she needed. Most of the jokes about her involved poop, so you can see what kind of humor was involved.

Megan Smart on the poster for Class of '07

Amelia (Megan Smart) was the closest to a normal person at the reunion. Probably because she was on anti-depressants. She and Zoe had all sorts of lingering issues.

Saskia (Caitlin Stasey), who had been the mean girl in high school, now considered herself reformed and a nice person. Everyone had complaints about her from high school, particularly Genevieve. Yet they wanted her to be the mean girl again and take over giving orders to organize some sort of survival plan.

Some smart things happened. They figured out how to get the radio working and sent out mayday messages. They figured out how to charge batteries so as to have some electricity. But they did so many stupid things. Destroying food in a tantrum. Voting one woman off the island. Staying drunk. Arguing incessantly about old hurts.

I don’t know if I’m just too grouchy to enjoy the teen angst of these high school girls, but this comedy did not make me laugh. I did like some of the characters enough to keep watching. However, I’m not going to recommend the series because I think some people will love the satire and parody of it, and others will find it over the top.

Take a look at the trailer.

So, if you watch it, I’d love to hear your reactions – did you love it or hate it?

You can see the series on Prime Video.

2 thoughts on “Class of ’07, Australian apocalypse comedy”

  1. christopher swaby

    there were things said and done that just didnt make sense, characters acting against their own interests or focused on things that seem very secondary to their situation. that said, i stayed up late to finish watching the series. and i’m pretty sure i would watch another season.

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