Emily Andras at the Helm of SyFy’s New ‘Wynonna Earp’

Emily Andras

Wynonna Earp is the latest sci fi/fantasy epic to emerge under the guidance of Emily Andras. It will appear on SyFy next spring with Andras as showrunner. Andras was executive producer and writer for such favorite series as Lost Girl and Killjoys.

Since the women created for those past series met every specification for kickass, I’m looking forward to the potential of this female-led series.

Melanie Scrofano

The show stars Melanie Scrofano as the demon-fighting Wynonna Earp. To complete the historical references to her famous surname (she’s Wyatt Earp’s great granddaughter), there’s a Doc Holliday in the cast, played by Tim Rozon.

Tim Rozon

Tim Rozon was an annoyance in Lost Girl. Here’s hoping Emily Andras has found a better use for him in this series. That much gorgeousness shouldn’t go to waste.

Shamier Anderson

Shamier Anderson plays Agent Dolls. That’s all that is known at this point about the cast and characters.

Earp  joins a secret division of the U.S. Marshals created to combat killer supernatural creatures known as The Monster Squad. Scrofano’s Marshall will be a motorcycle-riding modern-day gunfighter in the Earp/Holliday tradition.

Wyonna Earp comic

Wynonna Earp is based on an IDW Publishing comic of the same name by Beau Smith.  Series based on comic books may be a bit on the silly side, but they do give us heroines we can admire like Agent Carter, Liv Moore, Supergirl, and now, Wynonna Earp.

4 thoughts on “Emily Andras at the Helm of SyFy’s New ‘Wynonna Earp’”

  1. Sounds like western version of Buffy. I love the idea of this show and I know its based on a comic book, but I think it would be more fun if it was set in the Old West. But I guess horses are too expensive for a low budget syfy show. Im looking forward to it.

    I much prefer Dark Matter over Killjoys.

    1. It DOES sound like a western version of Buffy, which is fine with me.

      I like Dark Matter better than Killjoys, too. Emily Andreas doesn’t have anything to do with Dark Matter, does she?

      1. No, EA does not. Dark Matter is produced by the same producers who made Lost Girl. I was hoping to love Killjoys since it has EA and Lost Girls creator Michele Lovreta, but it’s not very original … not like Lost Girl was. Budget seems much smaller then Dark Matter too. But it’s ok. Maybe it will get better.

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