Fisk: season 2 of this oddball Australian comedy still delights

Kitty Flanagan in Fisk

Fisk might more properly be called a Kitty Flanagan comedy of Australian humor, because Kitty Flanagan created, co-wrote, co-directed, and starred in the entire series. The second season of this comedy is now on Netflix. A third season is in progress in Australia.

Fisk bases its humor on an endless array of odd and quirky characters who inhabit the world of Helen Tudor-Fisk (Kitty Flanagan), a probate attorney in a small legal firm. Her co-workers are funny in their own peculiar ways and the clients and attorneys who parade through the various episodes bring hilarious personas to each new situation.

Marty Sheargold in Fisk

Ray (Marty Sheargold) is the head of the company. He never seems to actually do any legal work, but in season 2 he does get decked out in a pin striped suit to act like a lawyer for at least one episode.

Julia Zemiro in Fisk

Roz (Julia Zemiro) is the other head of company. Roz can’t decide if she’s an attorney, a mediation coach, or a singer. The relationship between Ray and Roz as siblings is a gold mine of comedy.

Aaron Chen in Fisk

George (Aaron Chen) is the receptionist, webmaster, scheduler, everything around the office. He is seriously overworked in season 2. Helen has a solution to his problem.

Glenn Butcher and John Gaden in Fisk

Helen lives with her dad, Anthony (John Gaden), and her dad’s boyfriend, Viktor (Glenn Butcher). Viktor is an organizer who organizes Anthony’s life down to the millesecond. It’s too much for Anthony. Helen has a solution to his problem.

These are the characters who fill every moment of Helen’s life. She’s undervalued and badly treated at work, but by the end of this season she finally gets some recognition and respect on the job. At home, she and her dog have to sleep in her dad’s yoga studio which gets converted to a bedroom at night.

Helen dresses in baggy brown men’s suits. She searches endlessly for a decent cup of coffee. She gives her clients good legal help while remaining rational and logical amid a sea of oddballs.

You can watch all six short episodes of season 2 in one evening or space them out if you want to make the humor last longer. This series is all charm and fun with nothing heavy to think about. Both seasons are available on Netflix.

6 thoughts on “Fisk: season 2 of this oddball Australian comedy still delights”

  1. christopher swaby

    i really really enjoyed this show. each character is likeable even with, or maybe because of, their quirks. the show is written by Ms. Flanagan and her sister – they have a unique voice. the ending of this season would serve as a fitting send off for the characters but it appears that a third season is possible. i would definitely watch another season of this wonderful show.

  2. Ha Ha Ha Heee! Love Fisk show. Brilliant comedy, and as you said, most of the guest client characters are added gems. Also love the Aussie comedy The Letdown (another woman created and led show, btw.) (S1 E6 of The Letdown is powerful powerful touching change of tone and so real.) Tell me what USA comedies made now are anywhere near as thoroughly consistent as these 2?

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