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Love it or Hate it? Funny or Die

when harry met sally 2

Short. Hilarious. Posted on the web. That’s Funny or Die. The site offers a little bit of crazy in many formats, but I want to concentrate on the videos by showing you some and letting you decide for yourself if this web series is for you.

Be aware that much of what follows is off-color and disgusting. Well, okay, if you want something classy, just watch the Jennifer Beals one. Otherwise, things can get gross.

When Harry Met Sally 2

When Harry Met Sally 2 with Billy Crystal & Helen Mirren from Billy Crystal


Cop-Puter with Jennifer Beals & Adrian Paul from Adrian Paul

Oscar Buzz

Between Two Ferns: Oscar Buzz Edition Part 1 from Zach Galifianakis

What do you think? Funny or not?

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