Naomi Watts

Kelvin Harrison Jr. in Luce

Review: Luce

Luce is a challenging story because you’re never clear about what’s really happening. The four main characters turn in brilliant performances. That makes digging through the subtleties even harder.

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Naomi Watts in Fair Game

Review: Fair Game

I find it interesting that 2010’s Fair Game is back on Netflix now as a trending selection. This is the true story of how the George W. Bush administration used disinformation and the outing of one of their own CIA

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Brie Larson and Shree Crooks in The Glass Castle

Review: The Glass Castle

The Glass Castle gut punched me when I read it about 10 years ago. It’s now a film. As a film, it still conveys the emotional wreckage of a dysfunctional family upbringing in vivid ways.

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Elle Fanning in 3 Generations

Review: 3 Generations

For all the problems and rebranding involved in bringing 3 Generations to the screen, I expected it to be a mess. It was actually quite good. The emotions were real and alive. The performances were excellent.

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Review: Season 1 of Gypsy

I almost didn’t watch Gypsy. There were so many bad reviews. I sometimes forget my cardinal rule: I generally disagree with critics. I saw one good review, and a gay girlfriend told me she liked it a lot. To get

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Bill Murray and Jaeden Lieberher in St. Vincent

Review: St. Vincent

St. Vincent is one of those feel-good movies where you cry a little at the end but everything works out fine. I love that kind of stuff, so I enjoyed watching this movie get there. Plus, it has a fantastic

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