Review: St. Vincent

Bill Murray and Jaeden Lieberher in St. Vincent

St. Vincent is one of those feel-good movies where you cry a little at the end but everything works out fine. I love that kind of stuff, so I enjoyed watching this movie get there. Plus, it has a fantastic cast and boasts outstanding performances from all of them.

First, I want to talk about the kid. Jaeden Lieberher plays Oliver. He does a terrific job as the scrawny but brilliant son of newly divorced mom Maggie (Melissa McCarthy). They move in next door to a mostly grouchy, mostly drunk old fart named Vincent (Bill Murray).

It’s no problem to figure out right from the start that Vincent is going to have a heart of gold hidden under his gruff exterior.

Melissa McCarthy, Naomi Watts, and Jaeden Lieberher in St. Vincent

A few of the other treats in this tragi-comedy include Naomi Watts as Daka, a pregnant Russian prostitute. Chris O’Dowd is Oliver’s new teacher at the Catholic school where the young Jewish boy ends up. Terrence Howard is Vincent’s bookie – I think – at least Vincent owes the guy money. He owes everyone money, including Daka, whom he stiffs in more ways than one.

Vincent’s wife Sandy (Donna Mitchell) has dementia. He visits her at the care facility where we meet Nurse Ana (Kimberly Quinn) and the administrator who deals with Vincent’s payment problems (Ann Dowd). Nate Corddry plays Vincent’s banker. All together, they make up an outstanding cast who seem to have a great time telling the story of Oliver and Vincent.

St. Vincent is not the most important movie you’ll ever watch, but you will feel good when it’s over. Theorore Melfi directed. You’ll see some fine actors give excellent performances. Did they know in 2014 when they released this film that the need for a few moments of emotional satisfaction in 2016 would be critical? Naw – they couldn’t have.

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