Sam Shepard

Naomi Watts in Fair Game

Review: Fair Game

I find it interesting that 2010’s Fair Game is back on Netflix now as a trending selection. This is the true story of how the George W. Bush administration used disinformation and the outing of one of their own CIA […]

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Alex Neustaedter in Ithaca

Review: Ithaca, from first time director Meg Ryan

Ithaca is one of those women’s movies I’m always looking for. With Meg Ryan stepping up to her first ever directing role and several important positions behind the scenes filled by women, I had to watch it.

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August: Osage County

Review: August: Osage County

There are many films that can make you feel as if you’ve been assaulted by life, by pain, by damage and abuse, by hurt. August: Osage County is one of these. It peers into the way abuse and pain carries

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