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  • Review: Avocado Toast the series

    Review: Avocado Toast the series

    Avocado Toast the series showed up as I was digging around in the obscure regions of Prime Video. It’s a Canadian web series. Season 1 has 11 very short episodes.

  • Review: Impulse, season 2

    Review: Impulse, season 2

    Impulse, season 2, is packed with high emotion and action. Henry (Maddie Hasson) struggles to figure out what to do about her suddenly discovered power to teleport. All around her, the situation goes from bad to worse.

  • Revisiting Limetown after season 1 ended

    Revisiting Limetown after season 1 ended

    I wrote about Limetown after seeing only the first 4 episodes of this Facebook Watch series. Now I’ve seen all of the first season and wanted to update some thoughts on the series.

  • Review: Limetown, episodes 1 – 4

    Review: Limetown, episodes 1 – 4

    Limetown popped up on Facebook Watch. It stars Jessica Biel as a journalist investigating a 15 year old mystery that she has a personal connection with.

  • Review: Impulse, season 1

    Review: Impulse, season 1

    Impulse is an action-packed YouTube original. At its heart, it’s about sexual violence and assault. Wrapped around that heart is a blanket of mystery and sci fi about special powers. It’s a compelling combination, and very well done.

  • Review: Anyone But Me

    Review: Anyone But Me

    Anyone But Me is a web series, available on Amazon Video, YouTube, at, and Hulu. There have been 3 seasons so far. It’s about two 16 year old high school girls who fall in love. They live in New York City. One of them is forced to move to the suburbs of Westchester because […]

  • Watch This: Teaser for Flip the Script

    Watch This: Teaser for Flip the Script

    Flip the Script is a web series from Women in Film. It takes real situations and changes the genders to create a comedic series about gender parity and representation. 

  • Review: Her Story

    Review: Her Story

    Her Story is a web series about the T in LGBTQ. Transgender people and their problems are often overlooked by both the LGBTQ community and the larger society as well. Web series like this one can help change that.

  • WhoHaHa Has Funny Women

    WhoHaHa Has Funny Women

    Elizabeth Banks announced the arrival of WhoHaHa: Spotlight on Funny Women. The site is up and running and ready to make you laugh. Banks has an important announcement for men, “After years of taking 90 percent of lead comedy roles and being forced to appear nightly on stand-up stages around the globe, we are here […]

  • Let Titus and Dronicus Bring a Smile to Your Face

    Let Titus and Dronicus Bring a Smile to Your Face

    Three short videos make Titus and Dronicus a brief foray into the delightfully nutty Hollywood world of Hamlet. Directed by Liz Rizzo and written by Megan Kelly, Madhuri Shekar, and Seamus Sullivan, this tale is the antidote to everything you’ve suffered lately.

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