Funny Stuff: The L Word

The L Word

Let’s talk about the funny stuff on The L Word. Showtime is celebrating Gay Pride Month by showing full seasons of The L Word and Queer as Folk in June. Episodes of both will be on Monday through Friday in June, and then on Thursday nights through November.

There are a lot of serious things one could say about The L Word, but I only want to talk about this: it could be hilarious!

There were plenty of funny exchanges by eye contact only between Bette and Tina. Like when Phyllis showed up at their door with Joyce to annouce they were a couple. Or when the carpenter didn’t seem to realize she was a dyke. Yeah, comic eye contact.

The things Shane would do for Carmen were definitely funny. Love the shoes though, Shane.

The basketball game was a scream. Jenny with her coffee. Alice in her pearls, squeeking when she got the ball. Bette being ultra-competitive. Helena making baskets behind her back. Papi talking trash.

Alice. That’s all. Alice.

Share. What made you laugh the hardest on The L Word?

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