Hannah Gadsby: Something Special really is a feel good hour

Hannah Gadsby

Hannah Gadsby: Something Special is a very funny hour of stand up from the Australian comic. Topics include Hannah’s marriage, bunny rabbits, and teeth.

Hannah Gadsby: Something Special is a reward to Hannah’s fans for sticking with them through some traumatic storytelling in their specials like Nanette. It really is a feel good hour of comedy.

poster for Hannah Gadsby: Something Special shows Hannah with a microphone

Hannah Gadsby is a master storyteller. They put together an hour that leads the viewer through a series of small anecdotes that lead up to a climactic finish. In this special, they start by announcing they are married!

The story of their relationship is part of the comedy, but there are also bits about bunnies, teeth, being famous, being autistic, and proposing. Hannah married Jenney Shamash. Hannah calls her Jenno in the time honored Australian way of cutting off a word after the first syllable and adding an “o” at the end.

In telling the story of the new marriage, Hannah describes how they met, how they spent the pandemic, Jenno’s job as Hannah’s producer, and how the proposal went. Along the way there are flashbacks to Hannah’s childhood, their father’s one expression of anger, their mother’s false teeth, some ex-girlfriends, some dog stories, and how it all ties up with some bunnies.

Hannah is funny. Very funny. But they are also smart, insightful, and outstanding as a writer. All their shows are worth watching. Anything they do becomes must see television, and this special is no exception.

This special is streaming on Netflix. Here’s the trailer on YouTube.

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