I’m Your Woman Turns Rachel Brosnahan into a Bad Mama

Rachel Brosnahan in I'm Your Woman

I’m Your Woman, streaming on Prime Video, stars Rachel Brosnahan as the wife of a criminal. She goes on the run when every bad guy in Pittsburgh suddenly and insistently wants to know where he is.

It’s the 1970s in I’m Your Woman with clothing, home decor, and cars to match. Brosnahan plays Jean. Jean is a failure at everything. Can’t cook, doesn’t drive, unable to have a child. One day her husband (Bill Heck) shows up with a baby boy who several months old and announces this is their baby.

Soon after that, a guy shows up and makes her leave the house with nothing but the baby boy and a bag of money.

Arinzé Kene in I'm Your Woman

Jean is handed over to Cal (Arinzé Kene). He takes her to a safe house and tells her not to talk to anyone.

The bad guys find her and threaten to kill her if she doesn’t tell her husband’s whereabouts. Cal arrives to save her. This time Cal takes her to a remote cabin in the woods. He shows her how to build a fire and the hiding place under the floor. He leaves her there.

Frankie Faison, De'Mauri Parks, and Marsha Stephanie Blake in I'm Your Woman

A whole family shows up. Cal’s dad Art (Frankie Faison), his son Paul (De’Mauri Parks), and and his wife Teri (Marsha Stephanie Blake). It’s their cabin and they are on the run, too.

Finally Jean starts to learn some of the truth about her husband and the danger he’s put her and Cal’s family in.

Frankie Faison and Rachel Brosnahan in I'm Your Woman

Art shows Jean how to shoot a gun. Turns out she’s better at that than she is at frying eggs.

The remainder of the film belongs to Jean and Teri as they go in search of their men. Teri knows what they are up against. Jean is still a bit naive. She learns fast.

Rachel Brosnahan in I'm Your Woman

With Teri and Jean in control of events, things speed up. There’s plenty of action and danger. The film has one of the best car chase scenes I’ve seen in a long time. There was woman at the wheel, thank you very much.

The pacing never flagged, even when it was about waiting. The film’s key question is who is going to get out of this situation alive. Jean’s transformation from helpless housewife to bad bitch mama was the main thematic element.

I’m Your Woman was directed by Julia Hart, from a story by Julia Hart and Jordan Horowitz.

I'm Your Woman poster

Here’s the trailer.

Have you watched this one yet? What did you think of it?

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