Kate: Oh dear, are you bleeding?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Kate

Kate, trained assassin, knows how to do little more than kill people. When someone poisons her and she realizes it’s her last day on earth, naturally she kills more people in revenge. This bloody action thriller is on Netflix.

I swear I’m not the type of blogger who subjects readers to a personal story before you get to the recipe or the review or whatever it is you actually want to read. But today, I’m telling you a personal story.

As a young kid, I recall my cousin David and I staggering down a sidewalk, pretending to be shot. No matter how many bullets poured into us we just kept going, like the heroic Vittorio Gassman we had just seen do the same thing in a movie. I’m sure you aren’t old enough to remember Vittorio Gassman, but he couldn’t be downed. Shoot him full of holes and he still struggled on.

That’s the plot of Kate, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. She is the Energizer Bunny of assassins. Full of radiation poison with no antidote, stab wounds, bullets, espresso machine parts, whatever, she just keeps on struggling to do what she intends to do – kill the head of a Japanese gang.

The film you may be old enough to remember I could liken this one to is Atomic Blonde. Kate isn’t as good, and the fight scenes aren’t as well done, but it falls into the same kickass woman genre. Mary Elizabeth Winstead cemented her butt kicking stripes as Kate.

Along the way Kate befriends Ani (Miku Patricia Martineau). Ani is the granddaughter of the dude she plans to kill. And in fact, the opening scene of the film was Kate shooting Ani’s father. They have a sort of love/hate relationship.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Kate
Kate has had better days.

As a child, Kate was trained and groomed by Varrick (Woody Harrelson). He made her the woman she is today. He’s eyeing Ani with the same idea in mind.

If you enjoy this type of film, you will enjoy this one, too. It slides right into place with the many bloody films that came before it.

Poster for Kate

Here’s a look at the action.

What do you think? Will you be watching this one?

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