Losing Sight of Shore: 4 Women Row Across the Pacific – UPDATED

The crew of Losing Sight of Shore

Losing Sight of Shore is a documentary about 4 (actually 6, but only 4 at a time) women who are rowing across the Pacific Ocean unsupported in a small boat called Doris. This team of women who call themselves The Coxless Crew are raising money for charity with their challenging effort. Director Sarah Moshman is creating a documentary about the amazing story. The journey started 9 months ago in the US. The women are about to reach the end point in Australia after stops in Hawaii and Samoa.

The team rows 24 hours a day. They thought they’d make the trip in 6 months. It’s taken 9. The crew’s motto is “Everyone has a Pacific Ocean to Cross.” They encourage the use of the hashtag #MyPacific for women who want to share stories of their own challenging adventures.

Laura Penhaul, Emma Mitchell, Natalia Cohen, Isabel Burnham make up the original crew.  Lizanne van Vuuren came on board during the 2nd leg. Meg Dyos took a spot for the 3rd leg.

This news report is from before the journey began.

Here’s the trailer for the documentary Losing Sight of Shore.

In a post Director Sarah Moshman wrote on the coxlesscrew.com website, she said, “My main focus is to make a great film that honors the tireless hard work of The Coxless Crew so that people for years to come can be inspired. I often begin editing thinking about how I want the audience to feel when they leave the theater – and for this film I want them to feel like they can achieve anything they set their mind to.”

CNN interviewed Sarah Moshman on January 12 about the upcoming completion of the trip.

News about this historic journey will explode when the crew finally reaches Australia. Here’s where you can learn more right now.

My Interview with Sarah Moshman

Be sure to read Exclusive: An Interview with Sarah Moshman, Director of Losing Sight of Shore.

Update May 1, 2017

Losing Sight of Shore is now available worldwide on Netflix!

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