Lost Girl: S5, E5 It’s Your Lucky Fae

Anna Silk as Bo

It’s Bo’s (Anna Silk) birthday in the “It’s Your Lucky Fae” episode of Lost Girl. She gets some unusual presents. Kudos to the writer of this episode, Ley Lukins, because this is one of the funniest Lost Girls ever, and there have been some very funny things on Lost Girl.

Enormous spoilers ahead.

A card that says "Happy Birthday Princess. Love, Daddy"
It’s Bo’s birthday

Bo stares at a card from her father. There’s a gift, too.  She decides she needs some oracle intervention for her birthday gift from hell. She calls Cassie (Vanessa Matsui). Cassie promises to meet Bo the next day at the Dal.

Cassie's hot date
Cassie’s date

Cassie’s on a boring date with a guy who calls himself Heratio55 (Noam Jenkins). She assumes he wants a reading, but he surprises her by acting uninterested in knowing his future.

Bo lifts a jack-in-the-box
Up jumps the Devil

Bo lifts up the birthday gift. It’s a jack-in-the-box, which we saw before in the season 2 preview. She’s not twisting the handle.

Cassie and Horatio kiss
Oh, Cassie, be careful who you kiss

Cassie is less bored with Heratio when he doesn’t want a reading. She takes him home. He kisses her and leaves like a gentleman.

Cassie screams on the floor
Cassie gets one hell of a headache

As soon as Mr. Gentleman of the Goodnight Kiss is out the door, Cassie begins to scream in pain.

An ancient finger
He literally gave her the finger.

Bo shows up at the Dal looking for Cassie, who is late. Trick (Rick Howland) presents her with a birthday present – an actual finger from Alexander the Fae. It’s been in their family a very long time. Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten), who sees this, realizes she has nothing for Bo for her birthday and dashes off.

A stuffed cat in a window
Everyone loves cats, right?

The Lauren and Tamsin Show begins with them walking down the street, planning a surprise party. Lauren (Zoie Palmer) will bake a cake and buy balloons. Tamsin spies the perfect gift. A magic kitty  – it brings luck.

Tamsin and Lauren show up and present Bo with the cat. Bo calls it Road Kill Chic. Bo is worried about Cassie. Tamsin goes with her to look for Cassie.

Cassie's place is covered in blood
Oh, oh. This isn’t good.

Cassie’s place is a mess. A bloody mess. Cassie isn’t there. Tamsin calls Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) to investigate it as a crime scene.

At the Dal, Mark (Luke Bilyk) is the new employee. When Trick has him sign into the book, Mark rips a page.

Lucky Bo finds an earring on the floor of the Dal she thought she’d lost. Tamsin reports that Dyson’s taken blood from the crime scene to Lauren. Bo called two other oracles trying to find Cassie, but they are not responding either.

Why, Seymour, isn’t it lucky you dropped by

Bo asks about Cassie’s family just as Cassie’s cousin Seymour (Dax Ravina) shows up. Unlike his uncle, Seymour eats souls, not luck. He says Cassie emancipated herself from the clan. She’s been using online dating. Bo decides to look into online dating.

Lauren in the kitchen of the clubhouse
Lauren does blood typing while baking a cake.

Lauren reports to Dyson that all the blood at Cassie’s place is the same type. She’s also making a cake in Bo’s kitchen. Which she burns. Blame it on the kitty.

Vex on the bar at the Dal
Vex is vexing!

Vex (Paul Amos) and Mark get into it at the Dal over weak drinks and other bartending failures.

two pretty women at the Dal
The divine birds (or the Degrassi reunion).

Vex and Mark bond over a game of rock, paper, guillotine to see who will take possession of these two divine birds. Mark wins.

A girl with a long, snake's tongue
Well, that’s a new one.

Mark takes the two women to Trick’s lair. Iris (Shanice Banton) steals Trick’s book of signatures while Kat (Sofia Troop) distracts him with her oral accomplishments.

Bo's online profile
Bo’s online profile

Bo purrs while Tamsin is photographing her for her online dating profile. Her profile lists her as an oracle. Heratio55 responds immediately.

The phone rings with a call from Cassie but there’s no talking. We see Cassie with bandaged eyes as someone grabs her phone and smashes it with a sledge hammer.

A fight breaks out in the Dal between Vex, Mark, and the boyfriend of the two divine birds Mark just entertained downstairs.

During the fight, Lauren comes in with a beautiful two layer cake. It says Happy Birthday. She obviously purchased it.

Lauren's face down in a cake.
I hope Zoie can breathe in there.

The fight knocks Lauren face down into the cake! When Lauren looks up, cake-faced, she tries a bite and complains that it was supposed to be chocolate.

Daddy says straighten up, kid.

Dyson has to come to break up the bar fight. He reads the riot act to both Vex and Mark. Plus, Trick’s book is missing. Mark is smart-mouthed and disrespectful and doesn’t want to learn anything about being a shifter and claiming his birthright.

Bo meets Heratio55 at a bar where she slurps up her martini with her tongue like a cat. She also licks her hand and grooms herself with it. She uses her charm to learn that all Heratio did to Cassie was kiss her. Then she starts growing cat hair on her hands paws.

The Bo is a Cat – Now What? Club in Session
The Bo is a Cat, Now What? Club in Session

Quick meeting on the Bo is turning into a kitty question reveals that the cat brings good luck to its owner by stealing luck from others. Then Miss Kitty takes over the spirit of the person it’s feeding luck to.

Bo blindfolded in a car
Blind luck!

Bo will use her luck to drive blindfolded to wherever Cassie is. Of course, the Lauren and Tamsin Show go along for the ride.

Bo has a tail
Nice tail, Bo.

Bo stops somewhere in the woods, and runs off, tail wagging. The Lauren and Tamsin Show follow along. I really want to say something about Bo’s tail right here, but being a feminist prevents me from such behavior.

Iris and Mark
Iris comes back

For some indecipherable reason, Iris shows up back at the Dal. Mark asks her for the book. Iris pretends to be innocent. They talk about their powers. Mark doesn’t know what his is. Iris says she always delivers what she’s supposed to.

Bo falls into a hole
Down the kitty hole

Bo falls into a hole. She lands deftly on all four feet. She finds the three missing oracles.

Bloody oracles
Hello. Who’s there?

The oracles are missing their eyes. Not a good look for someone whose job is to see.

Back at the clubhouse, Bo is curled up in a box, complete with kitty whiskers under her nose. Dyson comes in with Seymour. Seymour sold out Cassie to Heratio55 for money.

Seymour sucks soul
Stealing the soul from a kitty. How low can you go?

Dyson and Tamsin bamboozle Seymour into sucking the soul from the lucky kitty. He’s off to Reno, and Bo is Bo again.

Dyson and Bo next to Cassie
Cassie’s in the clinic

Dyson’s checking on Cassie. Lauren can’t fix Cassie’s eyes without the actual eyes and she doesn’t have them. Dyson and Lauren look at the files for Heratio55. He’s Kevin Brown, one of the three Fae from the elevator. Bo went on a date with a dead man.

Bo’s staring at the mystery jack-in-a-box when Tamsin comes in. Tamsin brought a cupcake for Bo’s birthday.

Tamsin in a bow.
Happy Birthday, Valkubus fans.

While Bo is appreciating the cupcake, Tamsin offers herself as a birthday present for Bo. Tamsin’s all wrapped up in a red ribbon. Bo tosses away the cupcake and unwraps her present.

Tamsin and Bo kiss
Bo accepts her gift. Of course she does.

The wait is over. Bo and Tamsin are going to do more than endless one-off kisses. Well, the wait is sort of over, Valkubus fans. We only see one more one-off kiss before skipping straight to the afterglow.

Tamsin tells Bo she’s beautiful even when she’s sad.

Tamsin and Bo have a long session of baring their souls after baring their skins.

Bedtime Bo bares her soul

Bo tells Tamsin she was born in Hell. Her dad is Hades. Tamsin says, “It was him. Who I sat across from when I made the deal. That was Hades.” She thinks Bo should talk to him.

He’s trying to use me for something.

Bo won’t talk to him. Bo thinks he’ll always be part of her no matter how much good she tries to do. He’ll always find her. Bo wants to find a way to separate herself from him.

Tamsin says she used to think that Freya controlled her. Then she changed – got angry. Got empowered.

Cassie in the clinic
Cassie did this to herself.

Cassie wakes up in the clinic. Lauren asks her what happened. She says she saw everything from the beginning of the universe to the end. It was too much. She ripped out her own eyes to make it stop.

Dead Man Dating has Trick’s book

The last scene reveals who Iris delivered Trick’s book to. And he’s not feeling friendly toward the succubus. Plus he has a jar full of oracle eyeballs.

Some Thoughts

Zoie and Rachel kill with the comedy in this episode. Absolutely kill it. The lines were funny; their timing was perfect. The physicality and the chemistry between the two was hilarious, too.

Anna Silk got to play with her inner 7 year-old self in this episode by turning into a cat. She made an excellent cat. In my mind, her best cat antic was batting that salt shaker back and forth between her paws – excuse me, her hands.

In the woods, when Tamsin said she and Bo were getting close, Lauren said, “I’m very happy for you.” Lauren grows exceedingly enlightened about Bo’s sex life. I wonder if that’s going to last.

The long anticipated love scene between Bo and Tamsin finally happened. Except it was a non-happening. The pillow talk scene we got instead revealed some significant things.

  • At a time when she should have been happy and satisfied, Bo was sad. Tamsin recognized it.
  • Bo needs a Fae friend who gets her, one who shares and understands her life, her strengths, her regrets. Tamsin is that. Tamsin can help Bo figure things out.
  • Bo is always ready to have sex, but with Tamsin she never initiated it. She waited for Tamsin to be ready.
  • Hades is the evil one who sent Tamsin to kill Bo.
  • Tamsin found a way to free herself. Maybe Bo can too.

I thought the “family man” with his back turned in the elevator when we first saw the lit-candle scene was going to be Bo’s father. He looked just like the guy on The Wanderer card. He turned out to be Heratio55, AKA Kevin Brown, AKA Dead Man Dating with a sister who likes to party (and probably looks exactly like Amanda Walsh). That leaves only the bike messenger from the elevator still unidentified. Maybe it’s Iris.

This is interesting. Wikipedia on Iris:

In Greek mythology, Iris is the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. She is also known as one of the goddesses of the sea and the sky. Iris links the gods to humanity. She travels with the speed of wind from one end of the world to the other, and into the depths of the sea and the underworld.

4 thoughts on “Lost Girl: S5, E5 It’s Your Lucky Fae”

  1. I loved this episode. I thought Bo turning into a cat was wonderful. All the 3 females KILLED IT in this female centric episode.

    TamBo happening now means it wont be continuing for long. Bo does not do relationships and its obvious she is not in love with Tamsin. With Kenzi they made sure to show that 2 women can be JUST FRIENDS. They seem to think that no longer applys. Almost with every episode they have women kissing each other but no men are. They are continuing to have women be sexually fluid and men to be STRAIGHT. Maybe the producers think if they get random women kissing that will satisfy the the Doccubus fans since those fans are the ones who are getting screwed.

    Lost Girl has always sampled various myths and then turned them into whatever they wanted and needed at the time. So, I don’t hold much stock in any particular god being referenced. However, I do think that the 3 escapies from Tartarus who are using the bodies from the elevator are Titans. The Titans lost the war with the Olympian Gods and were exhiled to Tartarus. They have always wanted thier freedom and I think Bo has been thier way out. They needed the one who wore the Hellskore to come to Tartarus so the Artemis candle could be removed and lite. The lighting of the candle let atleast 3 Titans to escape. Also, the 3 oracles who lost thier eyes now represent the 3 blind Fates from greek mythology. I think Cassey will be in future episodes which makes me happy.

  2. Despite the humor, I think this is the darkest episode I have ever seen from Lost Girl. Gouging out eyes? Yikes! Some of the humor was a little slapstick for my tastes, but I agree the Lauren/Tamsin pairing was faetastic. Where have they been all my life? It seems obvious in retrospect, but the actresses have such different styles – who knew?

    I felt awful for Bo, she is very scared, and I would say clinically depressed. And with unbelievably creepy notes from dad, and Jack-in-the-Boxes? Don’t get me started.

    I’m somewhat worried about Tamsin in this pairing.

    1. Hey, Maigray, thanks for commenting. In terms of character growth, Tamsin has made huge changes in her time on Lost Girl. Rachel Skarsten is proving to be very capable as an actress. Tamsin is proving to be an important part of the story and is filling some huge shoes in taking over as Bo’s sidekick.

      Yes, I agree, she may be hurt by the pairing. She’s never really felt love or affection before the best I can reconstruct her past. Let’s hope loving Bo isn’t a hurtful thing for her.

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