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Evelyne Brochu in Orphan Black

Orphan Black S5 E5 Ease for Idle Millionaires

Episode 5 of Orphan Black is “Ease for Idle Millionaires.” There’s lots of crazy science this week. We spend our time with Cosima and Sarah. This is a recap. There are spoilers.

Gillian Anderson in The Fall

The Fall S3 E5 Wounds of Deadly Hate

The Fall “Wounds of Deadly Hate” is episode 5 of season 3. We’re nearing the end of season 3 and Paul Spector’s (Jamie Dornan) lawyers are determined he will never stand trial. Beware the spoilers.

Tatiana Maslany as Krystal in Orphan Black

Orphan Black S4 E5 Human Raw Material

Orphan Black season 4, episode 5 is “Human Raw Material.” All that raw genetic material is manipulated at Brightborn into perfect babies and that’s where a lot of the action takes place in this episode.

Sarah Lancashire in a scene from Happy Valley S2 E5

Happy Valley S2 E5: Omnipotent and Ubiquitous

Happy Valley S2 E5 takes some major turns. A mystery gets solved. Other mysteries remain. Several of our favorite characters are still in trouble. I’ve tried to be cryptic about spoilers in these brief reviews, but there are some spoilers ahead.

Caroline with the baby and a ghostly Kate

Last Tango in Halifax: S3 E5

Episode 5 of Last Tango in Halifax starts with a bang when Lawrence (Louis Greatorex) pulls a prank on the boys at school who put the sign on his back. By bang, I mean he tossed some firecrackers at them and pretended to shoot them. A chase scene ensued, with wild music which was also used over the credits.

Jordan Gavaris in Orphan Black

Orphan Black: S3 E5 Scarred by Many Past Frustrations

“Scarred by Many Past Frustrations” is the title of season 3, episode 5 of Orphan Black. Most of the episode deals with Sarah (Tatiana Maslany, a multitude) and Helena in the Castor prison. To recap this episode, I’ll start with the shorter bits about everyone else including Cosima, Felix (Jordan Gavaris), Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy), Gracie (Zoé De Grand …

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Gillian Anderson in The Fall

The Fall, S2 E5: The Perilous Edge of Battle

The Fall episode 5 is called “The Perilous Edge of Battle.” Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) has fallen. If the police can produce the evidence, he’ll be out of circulation forever. It’s one of the tensest and most nail-biting episodes in this suspense-filled series. Here are the basics of the episode. Spoilers everywhere. Paul goes through his sopping wet house. He …

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Anna Silk as Bo

Lost Girl: S5, E5 It’s Your Lucky Fae

It’s Bo’s (Anna Silk) birthday in the “It’s Your Lucky Fae” episode of Lost Girl. She gets some unusual presents. Kudos to the writer of this episode, Ley Lukins, because this is one of the funniest Lost Girls ever, and there have been some very funny things on Lost Girl. Enormous spoilers ahead. Bo stares at a card from her …

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Siobhan Finneran and Sarah Lancashire in Happy Valley

Happy Valley, S1, E5

Episode 5 of Happy Valley winds down a long road to recovery for Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire). The journey is as much mental as physical for Catherine, and it isn’t an easy trip. There are spoilers ahead.

last tango in halifax

Recap: Last Tango in Halifax S2, E5

Episode 5 of Last Tango in Halifax begins in Harrogate where the Elliots are packing a car with William’s (Edward Ashley) things as he sets off for Oxford. A for sale sign is outside the driveway. John (Tony Gardner) and Caroline (Sarah Lancashire) take a moment to share a rancorous discussion about their divorce papers as John carries out William’s …

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