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  • The Great Pottery Throw Down, a reality series I love

    The Great Pottery Throw Down, a reality series I love

    The Great Pottery Throw Down is a British reality series about contestants who throw pottery. It requires something of me: an apology. For all the times I made fun of reality shows and laughed because people were interested in chefs, or bakers, or singers, or bachelors – I apologize. I’m now hooked on an HBO […]

  • Review: Ackley Bridge, season 1

    Review: Ackley Bridge, season 1

    Ackley Bridge tells the story of a school in the mythical English Yorkshire town of Ackley Bridge. White and Asian (Pakistani mostly) folks have lived together in the small town for years, but their children have gone to segregated schools. Now they will be thrown together in a new school, called Ackley Bridge College, and […]

  • Review: Love, Lies and Records

    Review: Love, Lies and Records

    Love, Lies and Records is a British series about Kate, who works in the Leeds registry office. She has a fella and 3 kids at home,  a busy work life dealing with births, deaths, and marriages, a confusing man nipping at her heels, and a troublesome coworker named Judy.

  • Review: Glitch season 1

    Review: Glitch season 1

    Glitch is an Australian series recently streaming on Netflix US. It’s a highly original take on the “living dead” genre with a compelling story, strong performances, interesting characters and a darkly mysterious plot.

  • Happy Valley, S1 E6

    Happy Valley, S1 E6

    Everything goes to hell in Catherine’s life and work in the season finale of Happy Valley. Hang on for the ride! There are spoilers everywhere.

  • Happy Valley, S1, E5

    Happy Valley, S1, E5

    Episode 5 of Happy Valley winds down a long road to recovery for Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire). The journey is as much mental as physical for Catherine, and it isn’t an easy trip. There are spoilers ahead.

  • Happy Valley S1, E4

    Happy Valley S1, E4

    Episode 4 of Happy Valley was directed by the series creator Sally Wainwright. In this episode the police finally learn about the kidnapping. And things get brutal. There are spoilers in every paragraph.

  • Happy Valley S1, E3

    Happy Valley S1, E3

    By the end of episode 3 of Happy Valley everyone – the police and the kidnappers alike – are hanging on by their last nerve. The stakes go way up in this episode, and our heroine Catherine (Sarah Lancashire) is coming unraveled. Far be it from writer Sally Wainwright to ever let the tension drop […]

  • Happy Valley S1, E2

    Happy Valley S1, E2

    Episode 2 of Happy Valley begins with police sergeant Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) chasing after an ice cream truck on foot. Run, Catherine, run! She’s not hungry: the ice cream comes complete with a bag of drugs in the bottom of the cone. The bad guys get away this time.

  • Happy Valley S1, E1

    Happy Valley S1, E1

    Happy Valley series 1 is a 6 episode British drama starring Sarah Lancashire as a Yorkshire police sergeant. It began airing on Netflix on August 20. I will be writing reviews of all 6 episodes over the next few days. There will be spoilers!

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