I Love You, Sally Wainwright

I love you, Sally Wainwright. I know it’s a one-sided relationship. I’m the fan. You’re the creative genius behind great television. I know you have other fans. It isn’t an exclusive arrangement I have with you. But, still – I love you. Continue reading “I Love You, Sally Wainwright”

Brain Dump: Wynonna Earp, Nashville, The Bold Type

Time for a television watcher’s brain dump. This week I’ll offload short thoughts about Wynonna Earp, Nashville, and The Bold Type.
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Absolutely Everything About Nina Sosanya Isn’t Very Much – Updated

Many people want to know more about Nina Sosanya. It’s hard to learn much about her. Nina Sosanya is either illusive or not interested in fame. Whatever her reasons for being shy about seeking the spotlight, information on her is hard to find.  Continue reading “Absolutely Everything About Nina Sosanya Isn’t Very Much – Updated”

Review: Marcella

Marcella is an 8 part mystery series from Netflix starring Anna Friel as British police officer DS Marcella Backland. Overall it was excellent and I watched it with great interest, but there were many confusing aspects to the series. There are minor spoilers ahead. Continue reading “Review: Marcella”

Review: Unforgiven

Unforgiven, the Unforgiven I’m talking about, is not a Western. It’s a 3 part drama from 2009 and the BBC starring Suranne Jones. I wandered into a conversation about it on Twitter with @gingesbecray and learned that not only does it star Suranne Jones – really all the recommendation a series needs – but it was written by Sally Wainwright.  Continue reading “Review: Unforgiven”

Review: Code 46

Code 46 is a British film from 2003 starring Tim Robbins and Samantha Morton in a sci-fi love story set in the “near future.” It recently arrived on Amazon Video and the plot synopsis and trailer pulled me in. Continue reading “Review: Code 46”

Guest Post: A Last Tango in Halifax Fan Speaks Out

[Recently I wrote that after such a long delay between season 3 and 4 of Last Tango in Halifax, I thought Caroline (Sarah Lancashire) might be ready to move on to a new relationship. The lesbian fan base I thought would respond to this idea did respond – they hated it! After several lengthy comments telling me why my idea that Kate (Nina Sosanya) could be replaced was wrongheaded, I asked one of the commenters to write a guest post explaining her position in detail. Meet guest writer Drea, who describes herself by saying, “I’m just an outspoken person who hates injustice in all of its forms and I refuse to be quiet about it.”
– Virginia
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How Last Tango in Halifax Can Atone to Its Lesbian Fan Base

Last Tango in Halifax offended its lesbian fan base mightily when the character Kate (Nina Sosanya) was killed in series 3. The latest word on when a 4th series might air is: a helluva long time from now. But there will be a 2 hour Christmas special this year, which begins filming September. Continue reading “How Last Tango in Halifax Can Atone to Its Lesbian Fan Base”

Last Tango in Halifax Lands 4th Series: 6 Things I Hope to See

Straight from the mouth of the BBC.

Let’s talk about what we want to see in season 4 of Last Tango in Halifax. Continue reading “Last Tango in Halifax Lands 4th Series: 6 Things I Hope to See”

Review: W1A

W1A is a British comedy from the BBC that makes fun of the BBC. I watched it because I knew Nina Sosanya was in it, and seeing her was worth it.

I don’t want to imply that the series isn’t worth watching, but I initially watched it because of her. After a couple of episodes, I was there for the duration.

The W1A cast
The W1A cast

The comedy has an excellent cast including Hugh Bonneville, Monica Dolan, Jessica Hynes, Sarah Parish, Hugh Skinner, Jason Watkins, Jonathan Bailey, and Ophelia Lovibond in addition to Nina Sosanya. David Tennant is the narrator, and often has the funniest and most inane lines.

The humor, and the irritation, come from the fact that only Hugh Bonneville, Nina Sosanya and Ophelia Lovibond ever have any sensible lines. The rest of the cast were given something to say and they simply say it over and over again for 8 episodes. One person says, “Yeah, no, yeah, cool,” over and over. One person says, “Brilliant,” over and over. Another  says, “I’m not trying to be funny or anything, but  . . . , ” over and over. Etc., etc., etc. And they say these lines all at the same time, one atop another.

Amid this cacophony of meaninglessness, the three sane members of the cast say the few intelligent things that ever get said. In spite of that, a story gets told and characters are revealed.

Like a Dilbert cartoon, W1A takes sharp aim and hits the target with every shot.I was amazed at the end that 1) a BBC comedy made such incompetent asses out of everyone at the BBC, and 2) a story emerged out of the frantic babble of W1A. Like a Dilbert cartoon, W1A takes sharp aim and hits the target with every shot.

Both seasons of W1A are currently available on Netflix.