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Tag: Tom Hughes

  • Watch This: Trailer for Red Joan

    Watch This: Trailer for Red Joan

    Red Joan is a truth-based spy drama from the UK starring Sophie Cookson and Judi Dench as spy Joan Stanley. The spy played by the two women remained undetected for 50 years. Watch the trailer below.

  • Review: Silk, season 1

    Review: Silk, season 1

    Silk takes us on a roller coaster ride with barrister Martha Costello (Maxine Peake) and the barristers, clerks, and juniors in her chamber. This very British legal drama is full of courtroom scenes and goings on in chambers, but doesn’t delve into most of the character’s personal lives.

  • Review: Dancing on the Edge

    Review: Dancing on the Edge

    Dancing on the Edge is a British mini-series from 2013. Set in 1930s London, the series is about a black jazz band that becomes entangled in the aristocratic world of London. 

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