The Fall S3 E5 Wounds of Deadly Hate

Gillian Anderson in The Fall

The Fall “Wounds of Deadly Hate” is episode 5 of season 3. We’re nearing the end of season 3 and Paul Spector’s (Jamie Dornan) lawyers are determined he will never stand trial. Beware the spoilers.

Spector’s psychiatrist Dr. Larson (Krister Henriksson) spends a great deal of time talking with Spector. They talk about Paul’s mother, and about how he began breaking into people’s homes. Paul acts nervous, but is honest as far as we know his story. We haven’t heard yet what Dr. Larson’s decision about Paul’s ability to stand trial is.

Jamie Dornan in The Fall
Paul has to be a good boy in the psychiatric unit.

There’s a man in the psych unit who hurt and raped his 12 year old sister, Mark Bailey (Conor MacNeill). Paul looks at him like he wants to kill him for hurting a child, but he controls himself.

Aisling Franciosi in The Fall
Katie manages to completely implode

Katie (Aisling Franciosi), who is 16, not 12, and should know something about self protection, completely ruins her life when she goes to court. She not only broke bail, but she sprayed a toxic substance in someone’s eyes. While in court, she told the judge, her lawyer, and everyone else in the room they could go fuck themselves. She will go to some sort of juvenile detention now. The love letter she wrote to Paul is in Stella Gibson’s (Gillian Anderson) possession.

Spector’s lawyers are busy putting together a case against Stella Gibson for misconduct. That seems like the best way to keep Paul out of prison. They are pulling out all the nasty stops they can find or invent. Just when they think they’ve got a great plan going, they learn about the storage locker full of Paul’s journals and the stolen car. Oops.

DS Anderson (Colin Morgan) and PC Ferrington (Niamh McGrady) are in London, checking on the 2002 murder of Susan Harper. David Alvarez (Martin McCann) is in prison for this murder. He was at Gortnacul House when Paul was there.

John Lynch in The Fall
Ask about the dining room

ACC Burns (John Lynch), who interviewed the head of Gortnacul Father Jensen (in The Perilous Edge of Battle), calls to tell Anderson to ask Alvarez about the way the boys were forced to masturbate together in the cafeteria for Jensen’s pleasure.

Colin Morgan and Niamh McGrady in The Fall
Time to tell the truth, David. You don’t need to protect Paul any longer.

Anderson and Ferrington have CCTV footage showing that the 2002 victim was with Paul Spector and David Alvarez. Alvarez finally admits that he is protecting Paul because Paul was Jensen’s “special boy” for a year. When it was time for the outgoing special boy to name the new special boy, Paul spared Alvarez.

Anderson calls Stella with the news. They bring Spector to the police station for an interrogation.

Gillian Anderson in The Fall
I’m judging you

Burns asks the questions. Stella stares intently at Spector. He keeps glancing at her. They show him a photo of Alvarez. He admits knowing him. They show him a photo of the 2002 victim, Susan Harper. Then DCI Eastwood (Stuart Graham) enters the room and charges him with the 2002 murder.

Spector’s solicitors quickly usher him into another room. When they ask what’s going on he says, “The police have done something very clever. They have something on me that I can actually remember.”

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