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  • Review: Absentia, season 2

    Review: Absentia, season 2

    Season 2 of Absentia starts off slowly, but builds to a terrifying, suspense-filled climax. This Amazon original thriller may be in line for a 3rd season, because season 2 ended with several issues unresolved.

  • Review: Absentia

    Review: Absentia

    Absentia, from Amazon Prime, is one of those superlative series. Superlatives like spellbinding, spine tingling, suspense-filled, thrilling! It deserves all the superlatives you’ve got.

  • Last Tango in Halifax: S3 E5

    Last Tango in Halifax: S3 E5

    Episode 5 of Last Tango in Halifax starts with a bang when Lawrence (Louis Greatorex) pulls a prank on the boys at school who put the sign on his back. By bang, I mean he tossed some firecrackers at them and pretended to shoot them. A chase scene ensued, with wild music which was also […]

  • Last Tango in Halifax, Season 3, Episode 4

    Last Tango in Halifax, Season 3, Episode 4

    This episode is about grief, about dealing with loss, about flailing for the right choice when all of the choices are wrong, and about being there for the people who need you. There are spoilers ahead.

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