Luke Cage season 2 Teaser Reveals Misty Knight’s Bionic Arm

Simone Missick and Mike Colter in Luke Cage

If you watched The Defenders on Netflix, you know that Misty Knight (Simone Missick) lost her arm in that series. Entertainment Weekly got the scoop on how her new arm will look in season 2 of Luke Cage, with Mike Colter.

The ultra-fabulous Simone Missick played one of my favorite characters in The Defenders and season 1 of Luke Cage. Not being a reader of the comic books, I didn’t know to expect Misty Knight to eventually get bionically enhanced abilities of her own and join the Marvel universe as a superhero rather than a pesky NYC cop.

Perhaps not in Luke Cage, but at some point in the future we may see a team of Misty Knight and Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick). It happened in the comics. In The Defenders, Colleen Wing showed up in Misty Knight’s hospital room after she lost her arm.

The Marvel story on Netflix is not an exact match for the one in the comics, but I’m all in favor of a series featuring Misty Knight and Colleen Wing as the leading characters. How ’bout it, Netflix? Maybe throw some Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) in there for good measure?

Rosario Dawson will be back in season 2 of Luke Cage as Claire Temple, who was Luke’s girlfriend in The Defenders. If there is a future series with Misty Knight and Colleen Wing, it would be absolutely essential to have Claire Temple in it as well.

The video below is courtesy of Entertainment Weekly and if you don’t shut it down after you see the Luke Cage part it will carry on with more video from EW. Just sayin’.

An update and OMG, Misty Knight is fantastic

Thanks to @SkaterGirl for the tweet showing me just how much I didn’t know about Misty Knight.

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  1. christopher swaby

    She is a total badass. I hope the show does justice to her comic book roots (except perhaps the relationship with Danny – his tv version isnt even close to being in her league).

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