Maria Doyle Kennedy: Singer

Maria Doyle (Kennedy) in The Commitments

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time listening to Maria Doyle Kennedy sing. Maria Doyle Kennedy has been a singer longer than she’s been acting. I looked up her music because I love her face – it’s full of character and strength.

It was my love of her character Siobhán Sadler in Orphan Black that led me to this musical obsession. Siobhán Sadler is tough and strong and powerful and incredibly badass. That’s not Maria Doyle Kennedy, but it certainly got me interested in the singer playing the part of a badass in a sci fi drama.

Doyle Kennedy’s also acted in Downton Abbey and The Tudors. Her first acting gig was in 1991 when she played Natalie Murphy in The Commitments. She’s taken dozens of acting jobs since in both films and television, but her soul is in the music.

With several albums on the Mermaid label, you can find all sorts of music by her that you will enjoy. It’s all available from her website at The website includes links to places where her albums can be purchased. You can listen to many songs free. Her site contains beautiful images, a blog, interviews, awards, downloads, posters, tour dates, and a myriad of other goodies.

She has her own YouTube channel featuring live performances and uploaded recordings.

I picked a few videos to share here. I hope you will explore her music and show some support for Maria Doyle Kennedy, singer.

Of all the music by Maria Doyle Kennedy I’ve heard, I really enjoy this one that is just her and a guitar. Lovely. “Sing with your blood and skin and everything there within.” She also recorded a version of this one as a duet with Damien Rice and a full band.

There’s a whole album with this impressive hairdo.

She’s Irish, but so much more.


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